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Phoebe will change a great many things, that much is certain. Arguably the most profound effect is how it will change the use of capital and supercapital ships. With that in mind, what aspirations do you have towards flying a super or a titan in the future? Do you consider it a personal goal, something you already enjoy doing, or something you would seek to actively avoid for as long as you play Eve? Xander: It’s strange because when I went to PL, I knew that having a super or a titan is something that is more or less expected from each member. I told Grath that not only had I never flown a super or a titan, I had very little interested in coffin-ing an account to do so. Turns out there are a lot (admittedly, it is a minority) of PL who are of a similar disposition. Like you more or less have to do in a 0.0 bloc these days, I can fly a dread and a carrier and that is more than enough for me. I find it interesting that some people see titans and supers as an end goal in Eve simply because they are the biggest, most powerful, most expensive ships in the game. It’s something I understand but can’t empathise with. I don’t get it. I suspect I’m a little weird in that regard. I like throwing around big massive ships as much as the next man but I often get just as much satisfaction in a big fleet being that guy who flies the tackle-Malediction perfectly. I don’t think I could ever encase Xander in a Nyx and leave him there to rot. I will say, if they ever make supers and/or titans dockable, I’d likely be more inclined to find the ISK and fly one at that point. Tarek: I feel about it much the same way as Xander. Having a character fly a super just limits the amount of fleets and combat scenarios one can participate in, and I just like having a ship for almost every job. If there is a goal I have in EVE then it’s being able to participate meaningfully in as many fights as possible. Should I ever get to the point where I feel like there is nothing else to do than train for a super or titan, then I would probably be ready to quit playing and rather sell the character instead of logging in for the odd supercap brawl only. In fact that leads me to the point that only few people train their main for supercaps. Many just buy an alt from character farmers and keep them around for the moment they need them. I am fine with some people wanting to fly ships like that, especially since Titan bridging enables many engagements (even after Phoebe) but I’m simply not one of them. Maybe, just maybe, if I had a really big pile of ISK and nothing else to spend it on, I could see myself buying a supercap alt for such a purpose, but that’s it. Niden: I think I suffer from a slight case of penis-envy when it comes to supers. It’s all very impressive to see and read about. But I also don’t see myself sacrificing a character to do it. I think I like my idea of supers more than I would actually enjoy flying one, the personal sacrifice just doesn’t seem worth it. It’s kind of like being in a band: everyone else thinks you’re just partying all the time, but in fact it’s a shitload of hard work. As the guys mentioned, IF they we dockable, I might consider one in the future, but it isn’t anything I’m prepared to break my back to get. The catch 22 is of course that if it’s not really, really hard to do, it doesn’t really fulfill its role as the biggest, baddest thing. One of the key problems with supers is that they are waaaaay too common now days. Still, if dockable, and I for one reason or another learned how to not spend all my money on shiny faction ships, then yeah, I might consider one down the line. Just for the envy part. I seriously don’t think it will ever be worth the money. Supers seem like a lot of stress to me, I’d rather undock in smaller ships and have fun. mxU1kiv Forlorn: I own a supercarrier for quite some time now, way before I joined PL nearly 3 years ago. It is a proper tool for sov warfare and that’s what I used to do with it and i strangely enjoy doing. Shooting several structures over an hour is much more enjoying than shooting one station for a cpl hours in a subcap fleet. After B-R i started collecting more ISK to buy a titan for this next winter war which I managed to do right before the jump changes were announced. This delayed my effort for a bit, at least until we figure out what people are really doing with these changes. My supercarrier alt hasn’t docked since I have applied ingame to HABIT for a good reason. Sitting alts or swapping to mains simply does not work in a combat environment. PL’s standing order is: one subcap/carrier char, one dread alt, one supercarrier alt and one titan alt when you want to be a useful bro – multiboxing during a battle. I think supercarriers will a very useful tool after Phoebe for both engagements and logistic reasons or large move ops. People who are selling theirs are blind to possible options that soon will come up. While I really like to use Forlorn I wouldn’t use him in a super as having your main stuck in a coffin is simply annoying. I do enjoy supercap ops, I enjoyed fishing when I had my Nyx (swapped to an Aeon two years ago), I enjoyed hitting multiple regions with a small 20 man super fleet grinding structures. Also I got attached to my Nyx and my Aeon, something I never do with other ships in EVE. Should it go “poof” one day, I will get another because they are just so useful. Even when supercapitals were dockable I would still keep mine undocked for several reasons. No undock delay when you are on time pressure waiting on login screen, bouncing spots on stations and safety of POS shields, just to name a few. The only annoying thing is to fill up your SMA or stock up fighterbombers, which could be a little bit easier when you are docked. Eventually I will buy a titan next year, as I already have the character ready waiting for his ship. Blackhuey: I treasure my dread and carrier as some of my favourite ships, and I was in the process of saving (yes I’m chronically poor) for a super & a dedicated pilot before the Phoebe changes were announced. Now I’m not so sure. I’m not opposed to the changes per se, but they do take much of the gloss off capital use, from supers down to suitcases. I’m waiting to see how the changes pan out, but I rather suspect that they won’t have the intended effect. Eve alliances will always seek the advantage regardless of the soul-destroying gameplay that requires; witness the CFC’s use of siege bombers in the Fountain war. My suspicion is that the power post-Phoebe will lie with whichever bloc is more prepared to do miserable things that grant them an advantage, like creeping super blobs across the map at 5LY/hr. While there remains no viable subcap counter to a super blob, it is still the apex force it has been for some time, and jump fatigue won’t make that any different. Do I really want to sign up for that? Realistically I probably will, because the CFC pride themselves on being simply more stubborn and intractable than their foes. But I’m not looking forward to it any more.
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