CZ Minutes: Summer Loving?


Welcome back to another episode of CZ Minutes. This week we look ahead to the Summer Expansion and our respective wishlists for what features may appear there.

Xander: Rubicon is firmly established now and I believe, barring the odd problem here and there (cough*ESS*cough), has been largely well received. Yet ahead lies the next step in CCP’s now famous five year plan – the 2014 Summer expansion. So the question this week is simple – what features are you hoping to see in Rubicon’s successor?

Forlorn: First of many I still want the overhaul for drones UI and corp management UI. The corp management window is pretty much the worst interface part of EvE online. Also I want continued rebalancing, especially pirate ships. Also some capital mods could be introduced: capital neuts and capital heavy point.

Joran: For myself, the obvious choice is certainly finishing the POS rewrite. I don’t believe they will have all the pieces in place to make that a reality, however. Forlorn is right that corporation and roles management is in dire need of an overhaul, there’s been people talking about it for awhile now, but I’m not sure how that fits in with the new themed expansions. I think some small improvements (AKA little things) done in that area would go a long way.

HVAC: S-O-V-E-R-E-I-G-N-T-Y. Also Drone UI and capital balancing. The ability to swap the chat UI so you can alternate the text area and names list would be nice as well. I can’t tell you how much I hate the current folder system for drones and that needs to go away. I’d like to see either new capitals or an expanded role for dreads.

Mangala: Personally as a player – not as a CSM member who is thereby privy to information relevant to the topic – I too would love for a full corp roles & ui revamp, along with tools to promote the use of social groups within eve outside of chat channels & mailing lists.

However as Joran says this is more of a “reasonable thing” type affair than something worthy of a full blown expansion.

If I did have to chose something either tied to the “plan” for the next few years or something out of the blue, then this is where I fall down. I could say, yeah rework Sov, give me more shit to shoot in null as a result? Or Wormhole stabilisers as part of a raft of new PDS items. That gives me more targets right? Or an FW rework, make it more about kills & less about farming for lp without any combat.

One recurring theme for me on a personal level is having targets, and many of them. I interact with eve in a particular way – that of the community guy who leads people to their doom. As long as features that arrive allow me to continue to do that – or let me add new & fun ways to do that – then I find myself easily pleased.

Joran: I can’t believe you said the word wormhole stabilizer. If you read my column on Monday you’ll realize where you went wrong. 😛

Mangala: We have a wormholer onboard, you’ll hear wormhole stabiliser a lot now 😉

Xander: Never not have wormhole stabs in Eve. We need these now.

Jeg: I would like to imagine mobile deployables are the start of a modular POS plan that we will see continued in the summer expansion, these deployables show some promise, but it would be cool to start seeing functionality of the current pos system being replaced / replicated in these new structures. T3 frigs would also be awesome! There is so much UI stuff that still needs love that I am simply just going to say moar UI. Some more out of game integration would be awesome. I don’t hold much hope for SOV getting much love, pretty sure that beast is going to be ignored, though it would be great. I would like to see perhaps some of CCP Seagull’s wonderful imagery perhaps coming into play since so far that seems to be nothing but a cock tease. Oh, and let us open that station door already!

Niden: Reasonable things (for an expansion):

Overview overhaul. The overview is singularly the most important tool in EVE. It is also one of the main components of the infamous EVE learning cliff and sends many new players packing. Even veterans struggle with this old thing at times. Simplify, make intuitive and rid of bugs. Please.

Inventory overhaul. Have you seen the inventory? Give us tools to separate and compartmentalize the inventory but still be able to use the whole inventory when fitting from a saved fit or manufacturing something for instance.

T3 frigs. Who could say no to this right? Go.

Saved d-scan presets with hotkey support.

Logi on killmail. I know it’s complicated, but this is an expansion after all. People have been asking for this for a long time now.

Industry UI overhaul. Yes, even I make things from time to time. This is abysmal. Everyone knows that. Simplify, clarify, make user friendly.

Give pirates and outlaws more ways to make ISK locally in lowsec.

Give saved locations brackets in space.

In-game EFT.

Fap-land things (pretty please, with sugar on top):

FW overhaul. Incentivize the use of larger ships. Reward PvP rather than farming. Timer rollbacks on FW plexes when not being run.

Unreasonable things:

Mobile app client for phones and tablets with basic functionality – no undock.

Make my Dram go faster 😉


Joran: I think there are serious balance problems with tech 3 ships that would prevent any other classes from being fleshed out. Obviously the end goal is a great one, I just think there’s a lot of tweaking to do before they get to the point where they can move forward with that.

Proto: I know that quite a few things are on the radar as far as improvements, but I’m looking forward to any at all industry changes. I would be even more excited if some of these other ideas come into play but I have a feeling this expansion is going to be more reworks that may be construed as a Jesus feature depending on if you partake in that particular area.

Niden: Given the positive vibe I’m seeing from the CSM I’m quite hopeful about summer expansion. Mangala, to his credit, holds to the NDA like it’s the holy bible, but he and other CSM seem to be very happy indeed. This leads me to believe we will be seeing at least one of those ‘finally’ features that players have been clamouring for. I just hope lowsec wasn’t ignored again.

I wonder if it’s time for the player-constructed stargates… seems about right, it’s been talked about since last year.

Forlorn: From what I gathered it is probably not gonna be something we gonna see within the next two years. So since with some updates from CCP Rise we already see that pirate ships are on the table, maybe even for another Point Release. Recons needs some love as well.

Xander: I spoke to Ali and Malcanis from CSM8 last night. They were tight-lipped on what to expect in the Summer Expansion but Malcanis did say he has adjusted his skill plan to a completely new direction for it. I get the impression we are going to get something a little out of leftfield. Fingers crossed we get another Crucible and not another Incarna…


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