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For a long time CCP have made announcements, showed us mock-ups and did mass-tests for citadels, but this week we finally got the first devblog with solid information about the much awaited citadel fitting mechanics. The system is familiar from how we fit ships, and a number of possible modules with their stats are listed in the devblog. The time of single-purpose outposts or POSes with floating components that needed individual anchoring will come to an end with this new system, but how does it compare to the structures of the past? Will it still offer the flexibility of a POS? Do the stats of modules and rigs make sense? Considering that Citadels will be destructible, do they offer enough options for defensive fitting? What potential do you see for the Citadel fitting mechanic?

Dunk Dinkle: IANAESMTP (I Am Not An Eve Structure Managing Type Person), but here are the things that leap out at me.  

Much easier to manage and set-up compared to POSes and Stations.  Arcing Vorton Projector is a cool name. It’s unclear if functionality for Industry (Manufacturing, Research, Invention) is inherent to Citadels or whether a yet-to-be-shown Service module will be needed.  Can you Jump Clone OUT of a citadel?

One of the problems with POS defense was that to man the guns, you needed to be of the same corp as the POS itself and have roles set as a POS Gunner. Often, a logistics corp in an alliance is one that deploys & owns POSes and members of the Alliance cannot manage it.  It’s unclear how Citadels will handle these things.  With all the cool defenses, having a Citadel sit undefendedwhile someone has to log in an alt and fly over to man the Vortun would be a mistake.

JEFFRAIDER: All this stuff seems super tight. I guess we’ll see how it actually works out on the field, EVE players are notorious ruiners.

Jason Quixos: The fittings and modules look fantastic. The appeal for me is in their use in high sec. Although it’s disappointing to see that there are no variations for high powered defences on HS citadels. The bumping module just sounds fantastic, but how this plays out over the other fitting options has yet to be seen. The EFT warrior elite will figure the optimal fittings out for us.

Citadels will bring activity everywhere, but the lack of certain weapons systems and fittings options to HS Citadels will see this type of warfare perhaps go beyond a grind eventually. How they play into the wardec system might just be the tool and feature that it needs. Regardless, removing HS Citadels will be completely different to null or WH fights, but no less deadly to any ships on the field. The destruction ratio all over New Eden is going to increase substantially when the wars start.


Diana Olympos : As someone that is following the new structures since a few months, I don’t see a lot of surprising things here, but there some interesting ones. First of all, the more expensive and bigger rigs do not really provide bigger bonus but combine bonuses from the smaller one, which means that pouring more money in your citadel will make it a better swiss knife but not a better citadel. That is an interesting way to stop specialisation.

Then enter the thing that really surprised me and that is not really talked about. The rigs are giving some interesting information about how citadels mechanics could work, especially as a staging station. There seems to be a limit on the number of jump clones available on a citadel that can be raised by a rig. That is something that can have deep meaning. It is a side nerf to the ability to move quickly around New Eden, which will probably push even more for making distances bigger.

Some of the defensive modules are interesting. Bumping. Tractor Beam for ships. I still believe the point blank defense should be named Smartbomb because it is what they are. And we even have information about skills for them.

Except from that, well there is not a lot to say. CCP is rolling out refining with the citadel even if they will be unbonused for it. That is an interesting move. The decision to add strontium into fuel block raised concern about its size, but CCP acknowledged it. Oh and we got cool name.


Niden: Citadel theorycrafting, how cool does that sound?! I’m not going to claim that I’m nearly smart enough to know how the currently presented Citadels will broken. Because they will be broken, somehow, and will need to be balanced and perfected as we move along. However, what I do know is that I’m extremely keen on the idea of fitting Citadels like ships and using them as a key aspect of a defensive fleet. It opens up new avenues of fleet doctrine when the Citadels are part of the equation, and I’m looking forward to the creativity Eve theorycrafters are well known for when something new like this enters the battlefield.

On that note, here’s an interesting question: Will Citadels be able to refit in the middle of a fight? I asked around amongst my colleagues at CZ, however, no one was certain. I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole without confirmation, but it certainly is an interesting rabbit hole.

Beyond the details of fittings, stats, prices, hitpoints, skills and all the other things that technically make up the Citadels, there is a larger picture here. They will be the center pieces of any organisation worth noting, and thus, a natural focus of conflict and the meaningful battles we all want. Or at least, that’s the idea. The worst possible scenario would be if they failed in their function as conflict drivers and the foundations for the great narratives of Eve’s future. That they became seen as a necessary evil, avoided if possible. That they become a divider between the haves and have-nots. That they become a motivator of blobbing and stagnation rather than change and conflict.

A lot is riding on these things “working”, so I would share a quote from my first ever martial arts instructor to CCP: Don’t fuck up.

It is, however, an encouraging thought that CCP have shown signs of both flexibility and fearlessness over the past couple of years (not everyone will agree, mind), and I trust they will be able to apply these disciplines to Citadels, making them the catalysts for constant change we all want them to be.

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