CZ Minutes: Mistakes Were Made

EVE is well known for being a harsh environment. A part of that is the hazing and ridicule of those who make mistakes or even do something poorly. Some will call it “toxic”, others “tough love”. A particularly costly blunder could easily be paraded around Reddit for days, a misguided fitting put you on the front of TMC, and it’s not uncommon for an FC to hand out verbal beatings for mistakes made during fleets. However, mistakes are like turds: we all make them (admittedly, some turds are bigger). Even the best of us have a few uncomfortable skeletons in their closet, which brings us to this week’s CZ Minutes. What are some particularly horribad, costly or embarrassing mistakes you have made in your EVE career? Hendrick: I once lost a PLEX in my Bestower in Jita because I forgot to take it out of the cargohold. I more recently intentionally lost a Rattlesnake to celebrate 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel, which I filmed, and totally forgot to do some basic PVP things. Tarek: The worst thing I remember doing was fighting my way out of a bubblecamp together with some fleetmates. I got shot to pieces at the next gate but managed to escape with my pod. In utter stupidity I warped back to the very same gate which had the bubblecamp in an attempt to get back home for reshipping. That pod had high-grade slave implants. You can probably guess what happened next. People made fun of me for at least a month and I was reprimanded by leadership for my stupid loss. I have never bought high grade implants of any kind ever since. These days I prefer to make my mistakes in cheaper ships or pods. Jeg: Once upon a time, back when I actually, you know, logged in and undocked, I decided I needed a new Tengu, bought it all packed it up and undocked, in that big bellied beast of a paper thin tanked bestower. Suffice to say I was soon ganked and ridiculed in local for being a dumbass.. Another time, I spent about 11 hours shooting those red crosses in my faction fit CNR, back before they nerfed Sanctoms, I fell asleep at the wheel and awoke to find my wreck nearby and me in my pod just watching those crosses swimming around me.. Suffice to say, my eve history is filled with dumb moments of ‘learning’. giphy Niden: Wow, you’re horrible Jeg. So many terrible mistakes to choose from, hmm, let me see. Ok, so about two years ago, just after I’d enlisted in Factional Warfare I was picked up by Moira (GMVA alliance), my current corp. The first thing I did on my first ever fleet with them, all jumpy and ready for action, was shoot the FC when we got a fight. Our FC. Who also happens to be the alliance leader. I had locked the wrong target by mistake and didn’t notice. Awesome first impression Niden, well done. I’m glad I wasn’t kicked out the same day, or even shot for that matter. I cleaned up my overview the next day. Another memorable blunder was when I was jumping pretty much side-by-side with Santo Trafficante in my Imperator for four systems in a row and ended up losing my 1b pod. Thing is, you don’t fly gate-to gate in a straight line along the pipe to your well-known home system when Santo is around. Even if you just did an interview with him and he promised not to pod you. I consider it an expensive lesson, after which I chatted it up with Santo and we had a laugh about it. How EVE of us. More recently, we went to visit Thera a few days after it launched and were greeted by bombers (just like a lot of other people). Out of sheer habit I switched on the MWD on my Wolf and approached to engage. BOOM! The pod too. Encountering bombs so seldom I’d of course forgotten about that there’s nothing bombs like more than a massive sig. Total scrub mistake. Wow, I’m horrible. Can we talk about Xander and his AFKtars now? Apoth: I thought my Ishtars might beat Arty Machs. a multiple billion ISK welp later and no, they don’t. Sho:  I thought my Ishtars might beat a swarm of Caracals and Atrons. Fewer billions later and no, they don’t. Also, I got in Apothne’s Ishtar vs Machariel fleet. Dunk Dinkle:  Right after the Battle of Asakai, I had just joined Brave Newbies and was getting back into Eve.  I had a bunch of stuff in Caldari high sec from Faction Warfare days and decided to bring it all to Jita to sort & sell.  I restarted my hauler alt account, loaded up an Iteron, set the destination to Jita 4-4, turned on auto-pilot and walked away. When I came back a few hours later, I saw my character standing in station.  “WTF?”, I thought, “He should be in the ship…”  Took me a while to realize that my hauler had been ganked.  I honestly had never heard of high sec ganking this way and was seriously surprised.  In the years I’d been away, this had become much more prevalent.  Not a huge loss by any stretch, but definitely a wake-up call. I haven’t auto-piloted again since.
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