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Xander: We’re very lucky the universe of New Eden manages to achieve two distinct but important things. Firstly, it provides a rich and wide lore-based background for stories to be told. Secondly, it attracts creative, impassioned people who want to tell those stories. Because of this, Eve has this whole subculture of media from parody songs and Clear Skies, to propaganda posters and PvP videos. So what Eve media inspires you? What gets you excited about the game? What are the standout pieces of Eve media from the past 11 years of New Eden? Niden: I’ve had stints in EVE since 2005, a few months here, a few months there. Since the turn of 2012-2013 I have stayed active however, and besides finding in-game content that suited me well, it has been the podcasts that have kept me going. Back then I had very long drives regularly and consumed all the podcasts I could get my hands on. Shows like Lost in EVE, Declarations of War, Fly Reckless and Crossing Zebras, among others, opened my eyes to the greater world of EVE. They lifted me up from my island and showed me a broad perspective, they got me involved in the stories and the culture of the game on a whole different level. I found myself caring about New Eden as a whole, I could see how the stuff on my island was connected to the rest of the world and how what I did played a small part in that. I have also always enjoyed the short stories, chronicles and artwork. EVE stories and imagery have a unique feel to them and they really captured my imagination. Like all the kids of my generation I was inspired by space ever since I saw my first Star Destroyer ominously roll across the silver screen, and that has stayed with me. EVE took that childish inspiration that lay dormant and brought it back to me as a grown man, only suitably darker, more sinister, and ever so alluring. As I learn more about EVE every day I’m a bit sad that the mystique of space slowly fades, but the stories and art coming out of CCP and the players themselves help me replenish some of that wonder and inspiration. Clear-Skies Humor! Where would EVE be without it? Very much the natural balance to all the doom and gloom – EVE humor has taken on a life of its own. I place significant value in our capacity to express it with parody songs, animated gifs, black humor and all that good stuff. We’d all be in PL if it wasn’t for the people that work their asses off to bring us this stuff. Isn’t it all these things that show us that we’re a part of something that are the true success of EVE? Forlorn: Where should I put in my three usual lines about money making? Trolling aside I enjoy podcasts the most. I was a huge fan of Podded, eventually both hosts ended up being in my former corp. Most of the propaganda during wars is amazing. HABIT has the tradition of assigning arts and craft projects to new members to finalize their application. There are some unbelievable pieces there. Xander: Some of the HABIT A&C stuff is amazing. It’s such a cool way to recruit, has to be said. There are so many bits of Eve media that have inspired me over the years. From the likes of Lost in Eve to the amazing world of Clear Skies to some of the amazing propaganda posters that have been done over the years. I think we are lucky that in a world so rich and diverse as New Eden, we have so much to tap in to. And with a creative, intelligent, driven player base, you are always going to see interesting output from outwith the client itself. Joran: I’ve always been a huge fan of the PvP videos, and a number of podcasts have my regular listenership. Personally I think the Eve journalist sites are what get me the most excited, all the way down to the very occasional Kugu post. I really enjoy reading battle reports from the perspective of the fleet commanders, and the huge stories of the meta that we wouldn’t get to participate in without the entire subculture that is built around making them public. Mangala: Honestly, it was real world media coverage of EVE that got me into the game. Especially this: However over the years, outside of a few videos/songs – notably all the RnK videos and some of Loxy’s before he moved to CCP and of course Sindel’s parodies – not much of the coverage inside of EVE has excited me. I am already playing, already finding my own way. I dont feel a need to look around at the media inside our world and pay much attention beyond using podcasts as a way to entertain me on my commute, or certain bloggers as an insight to other parts of eve that I like the idea of, just do not have the time or inclination to delve into myself. Now do not take this as me being some unenlightened cave dwelling highseccer, I do often find interesting tidbits in the EVE media, I just do not feel an overwhelming urge to delve deep into that pool. I am the same with media back in the world though, I find myself grazing wider pastures for my news, and rarely reading too deeply unless the topic interests me. This could just be a symptom of a life pretty much embedded with technology and instant news and commentary. eve_online_rokh_propaganda_poster_by_davio911-d6562f1 Quickly jumping to the chronicles, I see them as something different, they are in my opinion almost a must read for anyone joining EVE, if anything just to see how rich a world they are entering, and when Andrew Groen’s book is done and out, that will be in the same category. Forlorn: The EVE chronicles are terribly to access though, I loved to read them for a long time but the format turned me down. Hands down all of CCP’s stuff is hidden somewhere and the EVE source book is the only good product they did. Niden: Oh yeah, like Joran said, the videos! Oh man, can’t believe I didn’t mention that earlier. There are so many great, well done and exciting PvP videos out there. Razor close nailbiters and interesting commentaries, like those Kil2 (CCP Rise) did. Those are the things that inspire me to undock, take a good helping of balls-deep risk and try new stuff out. Fleet fights on video can be cool, but there’s nothing like small gang or solo. Like this recent one, couldn’t stop smiling after I’d seen it, I wanted to undock my Daredevil so bad!
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