CZ Minutes: Icelandic Takeaway

Last week on CZ Minutes, we discussed the concept of self-definition in Eve and what makes us ‘us’ in New Eden. This week we discuss all the juicy news to come out of Fanfest.  Xander: Fanfest is now in the bag and there was, as always, a lot of juicy info to take away from Reykjavik. This week’s question to each of you is, what was the biggest, most important and relevant Fanfest reveal for you? Maybe it was something good, maybe something bad, maybe something that affects everyone or something that will greatly change how you personally play but what was that one takeaway from Iceland? HVAC: nobody gives a shit about your csm coronation so please just shutup and maybe say a few nice things to people because you’re actually a good person and you should believe in yourself and the power of christ. Forlorn: I think that the new short 6 week release cycle will benefit EVE. Less chance of a large fuck up and also less influence by “great” ideas from the higher ups, the people responsible for Incarna. The future vision looks nice but veterans like me only believe those ideas when we see them on the server. Niden: The biggest takeaway for me was actually not on the stream (well it kinda was, but we’ll get to that). It was from the roundtables and what what my alliance mates reported to me once they had come home from FF. Prior to the event I had my doubts, to say the least, if CCP cared much about lowsec and FW or understood the wants and needs of the community that lives and dies there. From what I’ve been told by personal contacts and via reports from others that were there (btw tape the roundtables next time!) I have a lot more faith in CCP’s understanding and involvement in this niche of EVE that I keep on yapping about. EVE-FanFest-Harpa-at-night The language coming out of the likes of CCP Fozzie sounds like what I’m used to when talking to other lowsecers that live there. I daresay that this, along with Funky Bacon and Sugar Kyle making it onto the CSM as well as CCP consideration of lowsec industry and income gives me hope for the future. And that is a good feeling. That’s Niden, the lowsec advocate / loudmouth. Niden the shallow EVE player looking for cheap thrills thought the Mordu’s Legion ships (drop in lowsec, thank you!) were A-MA-ZING and can’t wait to fly one of those bad boys. Xander: I think the new release cycle is huge. It could make overall development of Eve a much smoother and continuous process. I can’t wait to see what comes of it. If I were to cheat and pick a close second it would have to be the Dust/Legion stuff which I think is going to be great for New Eden but was handled disastrously as an announcement. Niden: Permitted to step back, take in the big picture and pick a second favorite I’d have to say it’s the future vision of the EVE universe at large. That screen that was shown on day three of Fanfest realized the idea in my head of how it would feel to actually have the options presented. One identity – three portals into New Eden. Although CCP track record doesn’t warrant much faith in lofty promises I cannot help myself but be lured by this vision. Concerning the new release cycle I am also positive. Positive but wary I should say. In my mind is does three things: it allows much more flexible development, strengthens the connection between the EVE community and the developers doing the actual work and (hopefully) allows the CSM to get closer to the issues as they arise. It’s also new; both to CCP and the CSM. As such it will present unforeseen challenges for which there is no president. Another concern, as we discussed on CZ Episode 42, is that it removes some of the ‘wow effect’ of biannual releases.
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