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So here we are again, it’s Fanfest time! This is the first Fanfest in the 6-week release cycle era (unless you count Kronos), meaning that there isn’t an obvious focus for the event such as the summer expansion. This year EVE players come armed to the teeth with questions and opinions about Fozziesov, instead of a reveal of the new system in Iceland to woo’s and wow’s. How do you see this year’s Fanfest being different? Is there anything you’re looking forward to in particular and why? Last year we were shown Project Legion and teased yet more with Valkyrie, what steps do you think CCP will present in their plans for the larger EVE Universe? Lastly, for those of us that will be attending Fanfest, what do you plan to drink and with whom? Oh Takashawa: How am I, of all people, first to respond to the minutes. Like, what. How does that even happen. Seriously though, Fanfest is amazing, I’m headed to my second one, I’m mega pumped for it, you should be, too. I don’t really care what CCP shows off, to be honest – as much as I love what makes EVE unique, I’ve been around long enough to know that I’m gonna be able to find something to entertain me, pretty much no matter what CCP does to change N+1 Cruisers Online. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing old and new friends, and having at least as much fun as I did last year with my PL bros, and friends from all over. If you’re cool, message me on Twitter and we’ll meet up if it turns out you are in fact cool. The EVE stuff, yeah, it’s cool, but EVE is the excuse, not the reason I go. Neville Smit: This will be my fourth sojourn in Reykjavik for Fanfest. This year’s agenda looks like a lot of fun, especially with the additional player-led sessions, most of which I intend to attend. I expect we may hear a little more about the next planned phase of changes affecting sovereignty – specifically, the coming revamp of structures, corporations and alliances. The previous two sets of sov changes affected how players fight for dominance in null-sec. The upcoming changes most likely will affect why players should fight in 0.0 space. I predict we will also get some hints, but nothing definite, about the changing role of capital ships, which is now uncertain after the last batch of sov mechanics changes. I hope we get some definite release dates for Project Legion and for Valkyrie, though I’m prepared to be disappointed on that front. I’ve no doubt we’ll hear some forward-thinking directional talk about how the three games will work together in some capacity. Most importantly, I can’t wait to see what CCP Seagull says about the next steps in her roadmap for the ongoing development of the EVE universe. We are still marching inexorably towards the ability to build stargates and colonize new space. It’s easy to forget where EVE is heading, as we tend to be distracted by the immediate impact of the latest changes. Fanfest always does a good job of reminding us about CCP’s longer-term, evolving vision for the game and for the community. Fanfest is indeed a great celebration of the EVE Online player community, and even if we don’t see anything that truly wows us there, it’s still worth the trip. Connecting with other players to discuss the serious business of Internet spaceships over a some cool adult beverages is always a great time. I can’t wait. gaming-project-legion-screenshot-1 Mynxee: If I were going, I’d look forward to meeting players I only know from online interactions and following that, the Keynote, player presentations/talks, and CSM sessions most. I was sorry to see that the player presentations/talks are not listed the Fanfest schedule on CCP’s Twitch page. I hope someone films them and puts them on YouTube. As an aside, FanFest seems like something awesome to attend in theory but I’m unsure if for me personally it would be worth the realistic cost (est. minimum of $2,500 USD). All things considered, probably not even though I feel very positive about EVE right now and CCP as a company. That said, I will always regret that work prevented me from going to FF on CCP’s dime when I was on CSM5. Perhaps if FF were held during a nicer time of year–say June, when it is beautiful in Iceland–it would have more appeal as an anchor on one end of a longer vacation there. Apoth: I can’t go. Fuck everything ever. Georgik: Do people still go to fanfest? It seems a bit of a let down each year with less and less. Neville Smit: Have you seen the schedule this year? More content than ever. This will be the second highest attended Fanfest, just behind the tenth anniversary event. Niden: I certainly can’t think of a better time to attend Fanfest, like Neville said, it’s jam packed with stuff this year and a lot of nerds will be attending. Maybe it’s just because this will be my first time, but I’m MEGA pumped. However, this will be a different kind of Fanfest I think. There is no summer release and the people coming are better informed on what’s to come. The means there aren’t any dramatic reveals to generate interest, instead (one hopes), the focus has been shifted to quality and interaction with the community. I’d like to think that the EVE community appreciates that more than the bells and whistles of being shown a big new expansion. I think that this year’s Fanfest will include a lot more informad debate with unprecedented player representation. Besides the obvious nullsec discussions that I’m sure will dominate many a presentation, panel and conversation, I’m hoping to see that steps have been taken for both Legion and Valkyrie. Most importantly, I am looking forward to attending the many roundtables and bar tables where we the players will get to meet each other. I have a list of people I want to meet and talk to as long as my arm, I just wish I had time for all of them!
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