CZ Minutes: Dirty Little Secrets


I’ve got an aspect of my EVE self that I hide. I’m a filthy industrialist sometimes. No matter how many dank frags I amass, and how much I desperately love PVP, there’s still a side of me that actually enjoys the whole industry side of things. I don’t really admit it, though it is useful for ripping off my alliance mates. I do it for its own sake, though, not just because it gets me fat stacks of cash. We’ve all got secrets – I wonder what some of the CZ staff’s are? Does JEFFRAIDER secretly multibox miners in the Drone Regions? I bet Dunk secretly has an elite-PVP alt. And I’m positive Niden secretly loves Caldari. What’s your dirty EVE secret? What gives you pleasure in EVE that you just can’t explain, because it has nothing to do with what keeps you hooked on EVE as a whole?

Gorski Car: I am a carebear.

Apoth: I genuinely enjoy chilling on comms and mining away, even if it’s in HiSec and the ore is awful. I haven’t done it in a few years but it’s a great way to unwind. My current main secret is that i’m seriously considering running for CSM11.

General Stargazer: I sexually identify as an attack helicopter.

JEFFRAIDER: “It’s enough that I have to see you shit-kickers every day. I’m not going to talk to you, too. Just do your goddamn job and keep your mouth shut.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

General Stargazer: Hmm, this is a bit a difficult one to tackle to be honest. I’m a pretty open book with this community, to the extent that it’s also fault of mine – typically i don’t hide anything I do or get involved with, if I’m asked the question I’m upfront. I chat a lot in private with many individuals in this community, some of the greatest contributors to it in my opinion and of course I keep these discreet.

Amusingly, I’ve discovered interesting things in the past and made connections with things that others seem to sometimes miss in public groups and that others end up publishing and take full credit  for and i don’t defend myself. I enjoy watching others getting credit, while at the same time hate myself for doing it, but also figure, what’s the point, I’m arguing with others putting themselves out there over space pixels hah.

I think this kind of connects with why I like logging in beyond the norms really. Even at my own expense I like facilitating growth of both new players individually and small groups.

That being said, pretty much every day I wake, all I wish I could do is make Eve videos all day, so I’ve got a habit of just flying around without my UI turned on in game and missing important things. While also watching my life waste away listening to potential new video soundtracks all day that youtube is not going to block!

Jason Quixos: I have always liked to play mind games on my curious war targets. As soon as I get the diplos contacting me asking who, what, why? I can not help but play on their insecurities. I have went to some lengths fabricating “intel” for a war target. From telling them we have spais in corp to telling them we have been specifically paid to hunt them or wipe out their mining options for a few weeks. Some have been accurate, but the paranoia and past actions of corps make it all too easy to play on them.

I also enjoy my alt who does nothing but selling POCO’s. This is a good way for me to sell assets all over high sec and keep some of my wallets in the green. I have made stronger relationships with this account as it is only large transactions and requires a level of trust I don’t get anywhere else in EVE.

Naturally I have more secrets but that’s the point of a secret. One of my alts is called “Anne R Sole” who didn’t make it into the Amarr Championship…..

Diana Olympos : My secret in Eve ? Well, I’m quite a new player, only being 8 months old. But I try to keep secret the fact that I despise Taylor Swift. PFR is still alive and kicking ass after a year. I don’t want us to get the whole PL, or worse, Doomchinchilla, declaring war on us.

I am a social guy at heart, and I don’t think i have other secrets about me. But I do know tons of secrets about others. Which is always useful to understand what is going on in New Eden, or to forecast coming change. Or to get information. Because if people are ready to tell you their secrets, they are ready to give far more information. A spy? Nooooo. I just have friends. And connections.


Psianh Auvyander: Being able to make a name for oneself, have a reputation and noticeable effect on the game is what attracted me to EVE. It’s also what keeps me here. Everything else about the game would seem hollow if it weren’t for that one core truth.

As for my secret? I hate Taylor Swift’s music.

Luobote Kong: Out of game: I occasionally write for Crossing Zebras. I am so sorry. In game: there was this margin scam. I don’t want to talk about it anymore…

Neville Smit: Though I am mostly an unapologetic station-trading mission-running explorer industrialist highsec carebear capitalist, I must confess that I have a fully trained ganking alt clandestinely stashed away. I developed one primarily to learn the mechanics and to understand why some people find it appealing. I don’t use it very often, but I sheepishly admit it has been fun to fly on rare occasion. Apparently, some die-hard trash-talking ganking pilots get really upset when you gank them unexpectedly, and it’s hilarious.

Also, I secretly enjoy Taylor Swift songs.

Niden: War is my only profession. As far as your typical secrets like being a carebear, miner, trader or mission runner when no one is looking, I don’t have any really. I’ve tried all of these things, it didn’t work out. All I do is kill people.

When I’m logged in I’m either planning a fight, on my way to a fight or in a fight. Thankfully, CZ provides me with the income I need to keep me going, I’m not rich, but I can afford what I need. The only other thing I really do is diplomatic work, but that’s something like 5% of my time, and often revolves around getting more fights.

It’s a time thing really, I mean the first things on my priority list are PvP and running CZ. With a busy RL my time is limited, so those two things are really all I have time for. I’d like to trade, scam, do PI, run POS, do exploration etc, but I just don’t have time and I love PvP so much more than anything else EVE has to offer.

I handle secrets regularly as part of my jobs of being EiC of CZ and as head diplomat for GMVA, but those aren’t really my secrets, they’re just tools of the trade.

I do have one dark secret, but it was a long time ago and I have never told a living person about it. It’s also following me to the grave.

Also, T-Swift is shit. I think I just killed any possibility of me ever being in PL.


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