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The patch notes for Carnyx (god, that’s a mouthful) are out —let’s dig in. Lots of changes impacting the game this release, particularly the first practical uses for the Entosis Module and accompanying changes to the vulnerability of station services. Also coming in are the Jackdaw, major changes to midslot propulsion mods, armor plates, and shield hardeners, and the highly controversial new overview icons. The art department has graced us with even more grimdark eye-candy, and marauder skins to boot. These are the big-ticket items—what do you think? Anything you’re excited about? Things you feel could have used more work or revision? What about the smaller details? Anything jump out at you that’ll be significantly impactful and wasn’t discussed previously by CCP? What about omissions—anything missing? Lastly, what aspect(s) of this release are you most excited to play within your free time starting Tuesday? Mark726: Ummm, you’re missing the part I’m most excited about: the new WH systems accessible through the previously unusable Unidentified Wormholes. I can’t wait to dig into those. Prepare for some massive tinfoiling as we dig into what this means for the Drifters and Sleepers storyline. But I’ll let others discuss the actual mechanics, heh. Gorski Car: I have already talked about what I think about the plates, prop mod and extender changes here. I don’t care much for the addition of new skins and the entire implementation is way too inflexible for me. For me I guess I am the most excited for the Jackdaw even though I know it will be pretty cancer in faction warfare space. I am also looking forward to the new wormhole systems. They look really cool but I have a small feeling that they will end up being pretty worthless or something you run once and then never again but who knows. There are some nerfs to burner krabbing and hole village will have to put tools of the farming back in shed or just get more pull alts sad for me since they are one of the only fun pve thingies left. Dunk Dinkle: The overarching problem with Carnyx remains the lack of SKINs for logistics ships. Not even a skin for the humble Scythe, let alone the backbone Tech 2 logi ships.  Clearly, CCP is racist against logi pilots.  Look, when the knuckle dragging Marauder pilots are getting skins before logi pilots, it’s a clear pattern of discrimination. The Jackdaw appears to be another ship that I will train for but never fly and that will be the source of interwebs complaint.  I agree with whatever Gorski and Apothne say about the Jackdaw, they know this stuff.  Rumor has it the sentry drone nerfs mean the Ishtar will be joining the Drake in the mothball fleet. Of course, the most impactful aspect of Carnyx will be the first taste of FozzieSov, with Entosis Links allowing hijinks and the first real testing of what future fights might look like.  I expect small troll fleets to escalate wildly in some cases and create some good content. Predicting the first “whoops, you found a OP bug in how Entosis works” notes from CCP within 3 days of the patch. Lillik Eoner: What the hell is a “Carnyx”?? IT’S NOT EVEN A REAL WORD!! Why does CCP make me work so hard? Mark726: They’re admittedly going obscure with Carnyx: it’s an Iron Age trumpet. Tarek: I like new small ships in the game even though i find the looks of the Jackdaw extremely uninspiring. I will train until I have Caldari Tactical Destroyer V and by then it will have gone through its five rounds of nerfs…sorry, rebalancing…and the price will have settled. I hardly ever feel the need to be an early adapter, it usually comes back to bite you in the ass. Like Mark, I am looking forward to the new unidentified wormholes. I am not sure I will play the PVE content though because in my neck of the woods people mostly do FW PVE for LP, if at all. Maybe I can start a small explorer fleet or two just for seeing how it works out. I don’t get what’s supposed to be controversial about the overview icons, but the thing where they are taking away the possibility to launch the game without using the launcher is annoying me a little. Not enough to take to the interwebs and rant at CCP for it, but I really don’t see why this has to be done. Looks like they are coming back from that announcement though. Well, it wouldn’t be CCP if they didn’t create some PR drama every once in a while. As for the somethingsomethingshipSKINS I was never really invested in that and the somethingsomethingV++ eyecandy is nice but afaik it won’t come out yet with this release. One thing that bothers me a bit is that they take refitting in space away in highsec. I am not a particular friend of highsec bait-and-switch tactics which usually only serve to harass carebears, but I do acknowledge that this was a playstyle enjoyed by many and with this change it will certainly come to an end. Bottom line is, I’m fine with how things are going. I’d still prefer they would stop fiddling around with ships every few weeks. I don’t log in that much and having to change fits regularly when I do starts to become slightly annoying. Niden: First steps of Fozziesov and the Entosis Link. Great, doesn’t really affect me (yet), but I’m glad to see things are getting implemented for the nullsec crowd. New WH, cool, not really my cup of tea. PBR update, also great, but appeals to me directly as an aesthetics junkie. The Jackdaw looks like a stick insect however, i.e. horrible. I have no idea who could look at that and think it looks good, or even oddly appealing. Thank God for the Confessor. Unfortunately the Hecate doesn’t look much better, but at least it’s not revolting. They got it right with the new Caracal – from a joke of a design to a really good looking ship with a distinct feel to it. The four most important things for me in this update are the changes to propmods, nerfs to sentries, overview icon updates and the shield and plate tiericide. It’s about time we got some extra speed out of more expensive MWDs, I’m especially looking forward to pushing the envelope on my Dramiel and Machariel fits and actually getting something for the expensive propmods I buy. I have no idea why the new overview icons are getting such a bad rep from some people, I think it’s great that we’re getting icons that can easily be told apart and allow you to identify the type of ship they represent a lot faster. The changes to plate, shields and sentries feel like they could breathe new life into the PvP meta, so I’m looking forward to those as well.
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