CSM9 Report: Week Zero

After a tense, exciting, enthralling and, in one particular, specific instance, fairly disastrous Fanfest 2014, it all boiled down to the final keynote – CCP Presents! Traditionally, this is where CCP thank the previous CSM for their efforts and wave them goodbye before announcing the new class. This year was no different so without further ado… kBOJ0L9 Wow. First thing to say is that I am incredibly thankful and humbled by all of those who voted for me. I was not confident about making it in so to see my name come up was a genuine delight. I hope that in 10 or 11 months time, you will all be satisfied with how I have represented you during CSM9’s tenure. Sion and Ali got the two permanent seats with the CFC #1 more or less a lock (still unsure why GSF put Sion over Mynnna – Sion is less well known so needed a push perhaps?) and Ali replacing Ripard in the second. Ali richly deserved this accolade after her efforts over the past 12 months so I am delighted she finished in the top two. It looks a strong CSM to me. There’s only one or two people on there I have had zero to minimal contact with. After a year with no representation, lowsec stepped up to the plate and put not one but two people onto the Council and fantastic candidates at that. Wormholes will be a little disappointed at only having one person on CSM9 after being very close to having three on 8. James Arget was the only incumbent not to be reelected. Fellow Scotsman Steve Ronuken is going to provide a much needed voice on the Council when it comes to industry and 3rd party development issues, vital when CREST comes up for discussion. I am especially pleased Mike made it back on because he worked so hard for election at the fifth(!) attempt last year then fulfilled his promise by working like a dog. I was worried he may miss the cut and nothing makes me happier than to be proven wrong. So yes, those of you who voted should clap yourselves on the back – you did a great job! I will say that this Council screams ‘low turnout’ to me. I have heard nothing officially yet and I am very excited to see the final STV results and numbers but anything less than the turnout from last year (~12%) would be a ‘bad thing’. It’s something that has already been discussed in the first 24 hours of CSM9 so expect more on that in the coming weeks and months should our predictions come true in the figures CCP release. As soon as Sunday morning, CSM9 stuff was starting to happen. A Skype channel was set up exclusively for CSM9 and all 14 members are now in there and another with everyone from CSM8 and CSM9 is also in place to facilitate the handover. We’ve not had any official contact from CCP as of yet which isn’t to be unexpected seeing as it was the weekend and most people were still participating and recovering from Fanfest. I did have a quick word with CCP Fozzie – I get the impression Fanfest has taken its toll on him 😉 Mynnna informs me that if this year is anything like last, NDA documentation and all that good stuff will likely be in place and signed before the end of this week. What with the new development expansion cycle, we need to hit the ground running sooner rather than later. That’s it for now. We already have a number of initial thoughts and ideas that are going to be fleshed out in the coming week or two. As can be seen from this post, I will be carrying on Ripard’s legacy of weekly CSM posts, most likely on a Saturday. I think that’s it for now – back to work!
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