CSM9 Report: Week Twenty

I have a funny feeling this might prove to be an interesting one given we just completed CSM9’s…

Summer Summit

Before we go any further, I’ve just sat down and finished an interview with CCP Leeloo, CCP Falcon, Mike Azariah and Steve Ronuken, It’s less than an hour long so you should definitely go listen now: CSM9 Summer Summit Interview.mp3 So here’s what I will say about some things while dodging NDA that aren’t covered in detail in the meeting above. It was an exhausting three days even remotely over video. There were 27 one hour long sessions of which I videoed in for 26. I missed one because of some wee irrelevant Scottish vote… Sitting in front of a laptop screen focusing on what is being discussed for what is effectively three 10 hour days is mentally exhausting. It was immensely satisfying but I wouldn’t call it in any way ‘fun’. A lot of you voted me onto CSM9 because I promised I would communicate clearly and frequently with the playerbase and hopefully this post is a great example of that but a lot of you were also intensely aware that 0.0 needs work and I intended to push CCP on the matter. I’m not for one second going to claim credit for changes coming to 0.0 but as confirmed already by CCP Fozzie, happening status: it’s. Not only that but what I have seen looks brilliant. CCP are putting serious thought into this, they are actively engaging with the community and nullsec is in for a lot of interesting changes in the next year. The really cool thing is the first batch of changes are happening before the end of 2014 and you will get to see these very soon – well before the Minutes. They did specifically ask us for feedback from players on two topics:
  • Teams – why do you pick certain teams, actively ignore other ones or simply ignore them altogether?
  • POSes – how many POSes do you run, what do you use them for, how would you change them?
Feel free to contact me in game or post comments to this post below about either of the two subjects above and I’ll compile the feedback and send it all directly to CCP. Something I was personally impressed with was a) how much detail CCP were willing to share with us when we asked for specifics and b) just how quickly and easily that detail was obtainable by the relevant devs.  With the systems they now have in place, a wealth of numbers, graphs and data is available with only a few clicks. CSM9 doesn’t currently have access to that information but it sounds from the interview above that that may be changing soon. One session where this was particularly evident was the one with Team Security where we were given concrete numbers on a variety of subjects including, as Falcon mentioned, the recent spate of DDoS attacks on CCP hardware. More on that in a minute… Minutes! A lot of you have been pushing me already for Minutes given how critical I was at the delays during CSM8’s term. Well there you have it in the interview above – the Minutes are timetabled to be in your hands by 31st October at the absolute latest which would equate to six weeks from the completion of the Summit in Reykjavik – a very rapid turnaround given the work involved in the entire process. If you don’t have them by the end of October, I’ll be prepared for an influx of abuse… Overall, the Summit was an interesting experience. If I am selected for the Winter Summit, it will be interesting to compare the experience of videoing in to actually being there in Reykjavik. I wasn’t prepared for just how intense the whole week was – how concentrated it would be. Like you guys, I am excited to see the reaction from the playerbase to the Minutes. More importantly it’s great to hear that the buy-in from CCP continues to grow ever larger as they see tangible improvements to the game through the CSM process.


It appeared that CCP’s hardware had been particularly flaky over the past couple of weeks with a lot of mass disconnects and various other problems. I had heard grumblings that CCP’s infrastructure was the blame for this. CCP have released a statement today that this is down to an ever-increasing number of attacks from groups dedicated to causing problems with Tranquility. CSM9 has seen some statistics on these attacks and perhaps they will be shared with the playerbase in due course but yeah, next time you are disconnected, be aware that CCP are doing all they can but this is largely out of their hands.

Tweaks to Tweaks

In news that should shock no-one, we know that Ceptors are seeing some tweaks in Oceanus. Crows in particular were in need of a nerf due to their engagement envelope. Fozzie has confirmed the changes incoming including some extra tweaks after the first round of feedback was in. The headline stats are as follows: Crow: Replace the 10% per level kinetic damage bonus with a 5% per level missile explosion radius bonus. -1 Lowslot +1 Highslot +1 Launcher +5 CPU Malediction: Restrict the missile RoF bonus to only apply to Rocket Launchers +1 PWG +141000 Mass -0.55 Inertia +35 Velocity Raptor: -1 Highslot +1 Midslot +2 PWG +5 CPU +51000 Mass +0.05 Inertia Ares: Increase Small Hybrid tracking bonus from 7.5% to 10% per level -40000 Mass +0.1 Inertia +40 Capacitor +30s Capacitor Recharge Time Stiletto: -10000 Mass Taranis: -10000 Mass Claw: +5 Velocity The Crow is going to be an absolute nightmare to fit correctly going forward but will still prove to be a popular tool in catching stray AFKtars throughout Guristas space. The other tweak is to the originally announced changes to cynoing around a POS. Initially it was planned that you would be unable to light a cyno within 25km of a POS shield. This has now been changed soyou will be able to activate the Cyno Field Gen module anywhere outside the shields, but if the ship lighting the cyno is within 25km of a starbase forcefield, the actual beacon will appear at least 25km away from the forcefield. Ships jumping to the cyno field will appear around that beacon 25km away instead of beside your ship. From chatting quickly to a few people, most seem a lot happier with the new implantation. I think that’ll do us for this week. Now the work of writing the Minutes begins…
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