CSM9 Report: Week Twenty Two-ish


Yeah, I was lying of course. The past week has been one of the most exciting / depressing / interesting / hopeful / depressing in my six years playing this game. It’s been pretty emotional all round.


Oceanus is now on TQ! I didn’t spot any issues with the deployment this time round – it was all very smooth for me. Cloak effect looks really nice, got to say. One thing people do seem very upset about is the removal of the different language channels. I know several members of CSM9 are actively working to see these returned based on feedback from the community. I can’t think of any good reason for them not to be there.

Of course, this may be the first week in Eve history where the rollout of a new release is far and away the second biggest news item in New Eden.

That Dev Blog

I’m not going to list all the changes again. Click this┬álink and you can see what I am talking about if you have somehow been living in an igloo, one hundred miles from the nearest internet connection for the past fortnight. We discussed this on the CZ49 record last night (I’ll be editing it as soon as I finish tidying up this report) and what was cool there was that despite there being two CFC and two PL pilots, everyone was broadly positive about the changes coming with Phoebe.

Not everyone is happy. Zebra Corp were furious at me, CSM9 and CCP and made it clear that any explanation as to the direction the game needed to go was at best unwelcome. I made the very difficult decision to leave ZEBR and I’m gutted about that but it is what it is /drama

A lot of other people are furious too of course. The last time I checked, the forum thread on Eve-O was 350 pages and counting. Some people were expressing happiness, some anger, some promising to subscribe, some cautiously optimistic. From my perspective, I like the fact that the angry/happy split didn’t seem to exist between blocs or alliances – it doesn’t seem to be the case that all of Nulli are happy while all of the CFC are furious for example. Within every alliance and bloc there seems to be a healthy divide between those who are happy with what this Power Projection nerf and those who aren’t.

With regards the CSM process and Phoebe along with some of the statements released from the CSM itself, this whole rollout hasn’t went perfect. I don’t believe CCP should have given vague hints on The o7 Show without immediately following it up with a dev blog with specifics. There was nothing in the blog which wasn’t discussed at the Summit but many of the specifics hadn’t been given to CSM to give feedback on. Indeed, many of the actual numbers weren’t given to CSM until the very last minute. So yes, we have similar concerns to many of the player base particularly related to JFs, Rorqs (have you seen that RorqualCat fit doing the rounds?!) and Blops. There is some concern about Jump Bridges but I can’t say this concern is universally shared amongst all the 0.0 CSM members. Blops and JFs are the two things that I am desperate to see addressed personally. Null industry is not at a place currently where cutting off the ability to access high sec so abruptly can be considered.

Two of the key complains in that there needs to be some form of fatigue cap and some form of newbie clause in the deathcloning changes have both already been addresses and I am happy with where those are now. I will say that unlike most of the people complaining, CSM9 is able to look at these changes through the lens of what may be coming in terms of sovereignty and that puts us in a more informed position to evaluate what is coming to Phoebe. The direction is good. The plan is good. The execution may not be perfect but these change is needed in 0.0 and I am pleased that CCP realises it needs to be brave and bold.

I could talk forever about Phoebe and it’s ramifications and what it has meant for me as a player and me as a CSM member. It’s been one helluva week. I’m not going to bang on any longer here about it though. It is what it is – CSM9 will work hard with CCP to ensure the best possible variant of these changes hits TQ and I’ve got some exciting times ahead as a player.

Summer Summit Minutes

CSM9 had a deadline of yesterday (6th October) to had the first draft of the Summer Summit Minutes to CCP. We made that deadline. Sion sent out a tweet explaining who did what:

9 – Sugar Kyle

3 – Xander Phoena, Corbexx, Steve Ronuken

2 – Sion

1 – Ali Aras, Mike Azariah, Mangala Solaris, Mynnna

Sugar Kyle is a glorious transcription machine. I can tell you that for me, each session took around 3-4 hours and from speaking to others, they were in the same ballpark. For Sugar to have completed nine blows my mind. The important thing is our initial deadline was met so we are still on target for the Minutes being in your hands on Halloween.

Shit on Zulu

I appeared on SoZ a couple of days ago with such luminaries as fellow CSM ProGodLegend, Grath Telkin, Doink9731 and Jeffraider. SoZ is a wee bit different to most of the other podcasts you may listen to – more people and a bit more rambly. As you can imagine, a lot of the focus was around the Phoebe changes and myself and PGL had plenty to say on both. Consider it recommended.

That’ll do us this week I think. Been an exhausting week and for reasons~ I don’t see the coming week being any less stressful.

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