CSM9 Report: Week Twenty Three

Yet another week of high drama and intrigue to go through.

Phoebe Updated

As I mentioned last week, Phoebe is coming and it’s effects, especially in null but throughout New Eden are going to be keenly felt. As I also mentioned last week, some of those changes were poorly received by the community in particular, those connected to Jump Freighters and Black Ops. All of the features for Phoebe have been confirmed in a dev blog from CCP Seagull and you can read them here. For the moment, Jump Freighters will max range will be 10LY rather than 5LY while maintaining the 90% fatigue reduction. Black Ops ships will have a max range of 8LY rather than 5LY with a ~50% fatigue bonus while ships jumping through a Black Ops portal will also see the same ~50% bonus. Ships designated as ‘Hauling’ in ISIS will also receive a 90% fatigue bonus. From speaking to people, most seem very happy with this ‘denerf’ but it’s worth noting that once 0.0 industry has seen a pass in the not too distant future, JFs are likely to be renerfed once again. Greyscale is pretty clear on this one: As we improve the status quo for industry in nullsec, we will want to reevaluate this balance, along with the impact potential changes would have on logistical work for other areas of the game. Sovereignty doesn’t go entirely untouched either. Sov structures and station services have seen changes to HP and resists that will make them quicker to kill and quicker to heal. Fozzie made the following very clear however: In the medium-long term we are still committed to the idea that HP based objectives are a suboptimal way to swap control of sov infrastructure, but until we can transition to a new capture mechanism we want to reduce the amount of time that is needed for both shooting and repairing these objectives. As with the JF denerf, these changes don’t constitute a ‘final solution’ but simply make things better until the full pass is completed. Hobojamming has been killed off. I can’t imagine anyone is too furious about that one. The other change that I am very excited about is the all new unlimited skill queue. As someone who goes long periods of time without access to the client due to my job offshore, I am so happy to see this implemented. I’ve spoken to military personnel who are equally overjoyed with this one. Someone asked me about pre-injecting skills in the queue and I made a request on the internal forums. This is something that may be looked at in the future but no guarantees. Overall, I am so excited for Phoebe now. I think it’s going to have a huge impact on the 0.0 meta and that’s before we even consider what is still to come in terms of null industry and sovereignty.

CSM Musical Chairs

So first off, I moved from Zebra Corp in The Bastion to Sniggerdly in Pandemic Legion. Then Major JSilva moved from Pandemic Legion to Goonswarm Federation. 24 hours later, Silva resigned from CSM under intriguing circumstances. This left a slot for a new CSM and when the election was rerun, Gorski Car was 16th (15th was Asayanami Dei who had already replaced Matias Otero – do keep up) and took Silva’s place. Gorski was in RvB at the time he was promoted to CSM9 but he is ex-PL and has connections to BL and Hydra/Camel. Most believed he would end up back in PL and at first I understood that to be going ahead but I have since heard otherwise so who knows? If you want my official word on the matter, you can go read the EN24 or TMC pieces. My move wasn’t political at least from my perspective – of course there are others who try to make it so – but simply a result of what I wanted to do as a player in New Eden. In terms of letting down those CFCers who voted for me? The ones who did their research and were actively involved enough to vote ‘Xander Phoena’ know that I will continue to represent them irrespective of where my character exists in game. Those who simply voted a ballot as prescribed by CFC leadership? Well you were never really voting for ‘me’ in the first place but I will continue to represent you as best I can.

Live Event

There is a cool Live Event going on at the moment. Key quote here: Out of character, I can reveal that this storyline and the associated donation drive will lead directly to new technology falling into the hands of players in the near future. The relative success of each empire’s donation drive will determine in what order each faction will get access to this new technology. Maybe if you take part, you’ll get something cool out of it? Who knows?!?! (Hint: I know.) That should do us for this week. The countdown to Phoebe is on!
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