CSM9 Report: Week Twenty One

This week’s report is 2-3 days late. Mangala suggested the following for this week: There’s your update. “Delegate lives up to campaign promises. First time in history”. Drop mic. Tempting… However, please accept my apologies but I do have what I believe to be a reasonable excuse:

CSM Summit Minutes

Before CSM9, there were few players as close to the CSM process without actually having been elected as me. I thought I had a fairly good idea how much work was involved in writing up the Minutes. I didn’t. The Minutes are a colossal amount of work. Thankfully, CSM9 should be finished the first draft of all 24 (ish – depends on what CCP let’s through ofc) sessions at some point today, 11 days after the final day of the Summit. At this point, I am supremely confident of us hitting our self-imposed deadline of them being in your hands for 31st October. I’d love them to be sooner but CCP have a lot on this month as a company with player gatherings and suchlike. We’ll see. For those of you keeping score, I completed three sessions myself, more or as many as anyone else with one notable exception… Sugar Kyle has managed to complete EIGHT. I mean this in the nicest possible way – she is an absolute machine. Of course, that still left a fair chunk for everyone else to complete but we all rallied round to get them done quickly and efficiently. I’m very happy with the turnaround from our end. We had a deadline pencilled in of 6th Oct for CSM to finish our first draft so we’re way ahead of schedule.

Null Deal / 0.0

I’m sure a lot of you saw the Null Deal over on TMC. You will also have noted my name on the bottom as a signatory I am sure. I was conflicted on this one to be honest. For the current CSMs, it’s kinda a tricky position to be in because we have a good idea what’s coming. We already heard from other CSMs including the likes of Mynnna that the 0.0 sessions of the Summit went well. I’d be very surprised if the relevant 0.0 CSMs haven’t went to their alliance/bloc CEOs and discussed how pleased they were with the 0.0 portion of the summit – without breaking NDA by giving any details of course. I guess I worry that this statement feels a little grandstandy and unnecessary. We know change is coming. We know broadly speaking that CSM9 are very happy with what has been discussed. ReleasingĀ a statement like this the week after the Summit as opposed to before it all feels a little like posturing for the sake of it. Of course, you are now asking ‘well why did you sign Xander?’ That one is easy – I ostensibly agree with everything written in the statement and I don’t think it’s breaking NDA to say that no changes currently being discussed by CCP are locked in stone. It is a positive thing when 0.0 comes together with one voice to give an opinion on the future of our space. I guess I just wish it had all been handled a little better. And regarding those changes, we now have had our first hints at what may be coming following the first episode of The o7 Show – CCP’s new twitch show hosted by CCP Guard and covering all things Eve. A big Power Projection nerf is incoming and the first thing to be hit will be capital jump drives. I am personally of the opinion that when taken in context with what else CCP has planned, this nerf will be massively positive for 0.0 but I’m not going to give any more opinion until the dev blog hits. A lot of people are out there complaining about certain things without knowing all the details and doing so is very silly. I’m not going to add fuel to the fire until you guys have the info in your hands. I will say though perhaps next time CCP should consider avoiding giving such big news without a dev blog to quickly follow up with the relevant minutiae.


Wow, this one caused a bit of fuss didn’t it? CCP Veritas is leaving the company and his last leaving present is a prototype arena duelling system which can be played around with in a basic form currently on Duality. Emphasis on prototype. Seriously. Prototype. In it’s current implementation, the dojo is a mobile deployable that ostensibly allows a group of players to jump into an AT style arena preloaded with hulls and modules, select an appropriate fit and go fight within that arena. You can check out all the details as they currently stand here. I think this is a wonderful idea especially as I was involved in running the last SCL player run tournament. Anything that makes it easier for players to run esport-type events on TQ without the need for CCP devs to sacrifice huge amounts of their personal time is a very positive thing and should be encouraged. Before you complain on the forums, some things to note. a) this is a prototype – it may never hit SiSi let alone TQ b) this did not take countless devs hundreds of hours to make. This was one dev’s work in his last week or so at the company c) if you haven’t at least tried it Duality, I’m not going to say your opinion is moot but I am going to say your opinion is a lot less relevant than someone who has bothered to go and try the dojo first hand


There were some grumblings about the changes initially announced to cynoing around a POS. This has been tweaked and people seem much happier. From Fozzie’s post: …you will be able to activate the Cyno Field Gen module anywhere outside the shields, but if the ship lighting the cyno is within 25km of a starbase forcefield, the actual beacon will appear at least 25km away from the forcefield. Ships jumping to the cyno field will appear around that beacon 25km away instead of beside your ship. Module tiericide is now a thing and there’s a thread you should go read if you are interested (and you should be). I am of the opinion that this is as important if not more so than the current ship rebalancing programme being carried out. Meta modules aren’t currently intuitive to understand and a lot of them are essentially pointless. Giving modules a purpose or removing them all together while also renaming so it makes more sense isn’t dumbing down the game – it’s removing frustrating and difficulty which exists only for the sake of it. That’ll do us for this week. Should be back on our regular schedule this coming weekend.
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