CSM9 Report: Week Twenty Four

Another action-packed week for CSM9 and the community in general with many sore and satisfied heads heading back from the City of Sin as I write this. Without further ado…

Eve Vegas

Many of CSM9 were in attendance for what sounded like a great third Eve Vegas event. Mangala, Steve, Sion, Ali and Sugar were all at the event and there were a lot of very interesting announcements in there. Here’s some of the key ones you may have missed mainly directed towards the expansion after Phoebe – Rhea: T3 Destroyers – It’s been 2009 since the T3 cruisers and I think most people expected some more T3s sooner or later. Well here they are and very cool they are indeed even if all the minutiae aren’t quite locked in yet. What we do know is that there will be one for each race, you will need Destroyer V for that race before you can train for them, they don’t use subsystems, they don’t cause an SP loss on death and they will switch on the fly between three modes – Tank, Sniper and Speed. Once we have details on what FW plexes and wormholes they can enter (both questions I have already been asked), I will make sure they are shared. Higgs Anchor Rig – This one came about as a kernel of an idea from the wonderful Noizy on his blog. It doubles your mass, doubles your agility and halves your speed. There are two obvious roles for this – allowing mining vessels to align for a longer period of time while still shooting the same rock and making it easier/quicker to roll wormholes. What I liked about this rig is it has some very cool potential ~other uses~ for clever players looking to think outside the box. Glass Cannon Weapons – These are weapon systems that offer a big DPS and tracking bonus while reducing all resists to 0% – a hefty trade-off. There will be one for each weapon type in small, medium and large sizes (eventually). These are very cool but need a lot of work to be balanced properly – I’m not sure anyone will be comfortable flying around with expensive modules on a ship that will die if a Rifter so much as glances in its general direction. The Tug – A lot of people have been crying out for a ship that can carry around a number of fitted ships from place to place. The numbers are yet to be set in stone but expect this to be able to haul at least a fitted BS along with assorted other ships. These are going to generate some epic killmails… Some less concrete but interesting things were discussed. CCP discussed how they are currently unhappy with where cloning sits particularly in relation to the SP death penalty on being podded in an insufficient clone and this is something that is going to be looked at soon(TM) with no guarantees or promises. Also mentioned by Rise in passing was the potential for a permadeath mode where you lose all SP on being podded but skill quicker. Again, there are no guarantees on this but I think it’s fascinating how CCP are thinking outside the box for ways to develop Eve going forward.

Exploration / Expeditions

But it’s not all about Rhea – CCP RedDawn has posted a new dev blog about some of the upcoming changes coming to exploration sites. The long and short of this one is that exploration gets a wee buff, in particular relic sites and there is the addition of a new site. Expeditions will also now more consistently escalate to more valuable sites as some of the code there was a wee bit dodgy. Loot tables have also seen a rewrite to bring them more into line. Overall, some good changes. Not much else to discuss this week – Minutes are still being worked on at the CCP end and I am still confident of hitting our Halloween deadline.
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