CSM9 Report: Week Twenty Five

A quieter week this week with certain devs returning from Eve events globally and myself still being stuck on an oil rig for a few more days. There are a few bits and pieces to cover however.


The Summer Summit Minutes are still on schedule as far as we are aware so should be a key topic of conversation by the time I write the Week Twenty Six Report. If you have any questions about anything therein you would like me to cover next week, you know where to get me.

Stigmatic Weaponry

I’m sure by now you will have all seen the Glass Cannon weapons announced at Vegas and detailed here in last week’s Report. A lot of you feel that the new ‘Stigmatic’ (formerly ‘Blighted’) tag given these weapons doesn’t really work. It’s probably not fitting of a sci-fi setting as well as hiding the fact that these weapons are meant to be uber-powerful. On top of this, these weapons aren’t really all that powerful when you consider the massive drawbacks involved – 0% resists is a tough sell when in practical terms you will likely be getting less than 10% increased DPS over the T2 variants. I expect the numbers on these may change before Phoebe hits TQ.

Ship Animations

Someone approached me asking about the various hulls in Eve which can transform and have an appropriate animation in client – good examples being Marauders activating Bastion Mode or the new T3 Destroyers switching between their three variants. It seems a little unreasonable that the first time a person physically sees these transformations in-client would be on the battlefield itself and the person who contacted me asked if there was any possibility of adding a button to the bottom of the ship viewer to watch the animations on the relevant hulls. Transforming ships appear to be very popular and if CCP plan on doing more of them in the future, I think something like this is essential. Of course, there may be some technical issues to overcome which may make this a lot more difficult than it sounds. I’ll update when I have more news.

Skill Queue Pre-injection

I don’t think I’ve heard a single complaint about the new infinite skill queue coming in Phoebe. One thing that several people have approached me with is the possibility of pre-injecting skills that you will meet the requirement for somewhere further along in your queue. For example, if you have Infomorph Psychology 5 queued up to finish in a month, people would like the ability to inject Advanced Infomorph Psychology at Level 0 some point further along the queue. I have raised this in the internal forums with CCP who have advised that this is something they are looking into but there are no guarantees. There are certain potential concerns that would need to be addressed first before this could be implemented on TQ. I will update you all as and when I have more information to share.


Theoretically, next week’s Report would represent the halfway point in CSM9’s term. This time round is a little different however what with Fanfest happening in March 2015 and CSM10 being announced there. As such, CSM10 election season is likely to start in earnest around January leaving only eight or nine weeks for you (and me) to decide if we will be standing for election. Already a couple of incumbents have already made their mind up. Steve (kind of) announced he would be standing as an incumbent for CSM10/X and having seen him in action over the past six months, I am delighted to hear it. On the other hand, Mangala has been an amazing CSM representative for a term and a half now but has ruled himself out of the running for the next election to allow himself the chance to actually play Eve. He will be sorely missed next term. Now is the time to start thinking about whether or not you would be a suitable candidate for CSM10. It’s not too late (although it’s cutting it fine) to start laying the groundwork for a successful election campaign. If you are thinking about it, I highly recommend reading Tarek’s article from last week about the concept of representation. I thought Tarek wrote a fantastic piece and I agree strongly with a lot of what he says in there, in turn strongly disagreeing with ~certain Eve personalities~. That’s all the important stuff I have been dealing with in the past seven days. Next week should be interesting if the Minutes arrive on time, which I am confident they will.
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