CSM9 Report: Week Twenty Eight


Another week, another report and there’s plenty out there to discuss.

Winter Summit

CSM9 has been told who will be attending the Winter Summit and the exact dates but that information isn’t allowed to be shared yet. I was given permission by Leeloo to confirm that I will be in attendance in the Winter Summit and we already know from the Summer Summit Minutes that it will be some point in January. The thought of Reykjavik in mid-January fills me with excitement/trepidation but it’s going to be fascinating to compare the experience of videoing into a Summit as opposed to physically being there. If you have something you want brought up at the Winter Summit, now is the time to start sending me an email. I’ll be sifting through all the comments and questions and collating the best of them to take with me to Iceland.

Thera and the Shattered Wormholes

All the important information about Thera has been released in a dev blog from CCP Fozzie a few days back. I discussed all the key headlines in last week’s report but Fozzie confirmed some additional important information about Thera in his blog:

  • Thera is a gigantic shattered wormhole system that contains four NPC stations and a large number of wormhole connections.The four stations in Thera will each have a full set of services, including cloning, office slots, and manufacturing. You will be able to set these stations as your medical clone location, and install Jump Clones if you wish.
  • Thera has multiple static connections highsec, lowsec and nullsec space as well as access to wandering wormholes and K162 connections that can connect it to W-space. The result is a system that is much more connected to K-space than to W-space.
  • None of the connections to Thera will admit capital ships (freighters will be able to squeeze in), none of the stations in Thera will allow capitals to be built, and there are no moons for starbase anchoring. This means the system will only ever contain sub-capital vessels.
  • Thera is the largest system we have ever had in EVE. The stations are spread between three different planets at the edges of the system and warps between them can be up to 342 AU. The vast distances and huge number of wormholes ensures that keeping a lockdown on all of the stations and wormholes in the system will be exceedingly difficult, although we expect it to be an extremely dangerous place.
  • Anchored warp disruption bubbles will not be usable within Thera, although interdictor and heavy interdictor bubbles work normally.
  • Thera does not have a system bonus effect.
  • Thera contains wormhole signature and anomaly sites appropriate for class 3 and class 4 wormholes, as well as all the different types of wormhole gas mining sites on par with a class 6 wormhole system.
  • Thera does have distinct visuals including new unique station skins for the Sisters of EVE, a new nebula and a new sun effect.

The bubbles thing was something CSM9 felt strongly about. Without this exemption, Thera would have been permanently hellcamped and infinitely less fun and interesting as a result. There are also a lot of details about the other 100 Standard and Small Ship Shattered Wormhole Systems in Fozzie’s post so I recommend checking it out as there are some important differences. The response to Thera has been broadly positive from the people I have spoken to but there have been some grumbles. To those of you who maybe aren’t so sure, I’ll reiterate what I said last week – look at this as a hint to where CCP may go with Eve development in the future. Look at it through that lens. Thera is live on Sisi now should you wish to go check it out.

Manual Piloting

You may have read the thoughts of the CZ staff including myself already on CZ Minutes but CCP Nullarbor has announced a nice wee update to the game that I don’t think anyone saw coming – WASD manual piloting for your ships! I don’t think this is the kinda thing that is going to shake Eve up or get people hugely excited but I do consider it a nice wee addition to the game. There’s a part of me would love to pilot my Rifter with a joystick just so it can die a wee bit quicker next time I face someone in PvP.


An almost complete list of features for the next upcoming update to Eve Online – Rhea – has been detailed by CCP Seagull. There shouldn’t be too many surprises in there by this point but a couple of things are rather interesting. Firstly, the first T3 destroyer – the Confessor – is simply gorgeous. I said it on CZ50 and I’ll say it here again for the record – the art team have been hitting it out of the park for the past year or so. It’s a stunning ship. And that’s before we even consider the Blackbird redesign. Not only that but all the ships in Eve will look better going forward with the new magic that is the Physically Based Rendering system. I’m not going to even pretend I understand how it actually works but you only need look at the .gif to see what a difference it makes to current ship models.


Also interesting was this wee nugget:

With Rhea, we are freeing over six million character names used on old trial accounts that never became subscribing accounts.

This was something my old corpmates in Zebra Corp had long campaigned to me about so I’m pleased to see it happening.

I think that’ll do us for this week. I’m pleased to see a more and more positive response to the new release cadence on places like reddit and my own alliance forums. People seem to be starting to get it and seeing the benefits first hand helps I expect. Rhea is bringing a lot to the table and that’s without even considering the imminent changes to sovereignty that are just around the corner.

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