CSM9 Report: Week Thirty Two

Home at long last and getting into the festive spirit.

The o7 Show

There was a new episode last week. It wasn’t as jam-packed with neat reveals as the previous episode but still managed to be a lot of fun covering a lot of major events from 2014 in Eve. You can watch it here. My personal favourite moment was the introduction of a certain new dev… B4mq2VPCEAAJ0vF


Pretty successful launch I thought. People incredibly happy with the feature set (especially the change to cloning mechanics) and pretty pleased with the rollout itself. There were some minor issues, particularly associated with the UI. There is an official known issues page and an official feedback thread. If you have experienced a bug, check the former and if necessary, add to the latter.


I have started collating information /questions / queries for the Winter Summit from various sources including tweetfleet, PL forums and Zulu. It is fascinating to see what commonality there is in ‘problems’ listened from completely disparate groups and where they look at totally different issues. If you have something you want me to bring up at Summit, please drop me a line here or Eve mail me. The more information I have from you guys to take to Reykjavik, the better I can represent you as players. A very short entry this week but things are quiet now Rhea has broadly-successfully launched and people are gearing up for Christmas. Also, I booked my tickets for Fanfest so there’s that! Hopefully see you there.
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