CSM9 Report: Week Thirty Three

When I wrote up my week thirty two report, I didn’t think the next one would be coming once again from an oil rig more than one hundred miles from land but there we go. Nature of the job I guess. It shouldn’t shock anyone that like the previous report, between my job, people being on holidays and Rhea now being live, things are still on the quiet side. But here’s what we have…

CSM Changes

We had a very long and in-depth meeting with CCPs Leeloo and Falcon earlier this week to discuss some potential changes to how the CSM operates. I’m not at liberty to divulge the details of what was discussed but I can tell you that a lot of CSM9 was in attendance and there was a full and frank discussion about some of these suggested changes lasting the best part of two hours. Leeloo and Falcon were very open to debate and reason on some of these and I feel a lot of progress was made. As the game and the player base evolves, it is important that the CSM itself also evolves to be as useful and valuable as possible and I have every faith in Leeloo working with CSM to make the Council as effective as it can be.


CCP Seagull has posted a dev blog with some of the features coming in Proteus. As has been said countless times in other places, some of the updates in this new release cycle will be large, some will be smaller. Proteus definitely falls on the latter end of the scale and that’s to be expected after a couple of big updates and CCP being quieter over the holiday period. The feature generating the most discussion as far as I can see is the following: Combat recon ships will be impossible to detect with directional scans and bonuses and attributes will be looked over for all 8 Force and Combat Recon ships. I am personally a big fan of this change and I think it opens up some very interesting design space for the future. Whenever I think of Eve design, I normally go back to another game I used to be hugely into – Magic the Gathering. In MtG, you can quickly spot when a new keyword is introduced that is likely not going to have a huge impact in the meta and will be quickly forgotten about when that particular set cycles out of rotation. But if you have been playing MtG, you quickly spot the new mechanics that you know will have a long term impact on the game and hints at what the design team are thinking about at any one time and the impact that could have in the future. When I see this change to Combat Recons, it makes me wonder what other design space out there could be exploited. I think CCP started hinting at these directions with mobile deployables such as the Scan Inhibitor and this feels like a natural progression to me. Of course, not everyone agrees with some of the opinion that this may be too overpowered. I highly recommend sharing your thoughts in the feedback thread. The module tiericide program continues with 10 groups seeing rebalancing. There are also hints to the ongoing work on sovereignty, concrete plans on which are due to be presented to us attending the CSM9 Winter Summit in Reykjavik in less than four weeks. Part of these plans will encompass feedback from the playerbase directly and CCP is interested in hearing from you if you look after any structures in game. A questionnaire has been set up and it would be appreciated if you took the time to fill it in if you are one of those guys tasked with looking after POSes.

Policy Updates

If you read these reports weekly you will be aware of the changes coming to the game on 1st January 2015 regarding input automation. CCP have also confirmed some changes coming for those of you who may be tempted to buy ISK. Clarification from Team Security on various policies as well as lots of pretty numbers and graphs from the work they have been carrying out in 2014 can be found here.

Fanfest 2015

The thing that makes Fanfest so special is that sense of community that can only be truly appreciated when you stand in Harpa physically face-to-face with so many other Eve enthusiasts. One of the things you obviously have to do next year in Iceland is buy me a beer for being awesome. You also may want to consider taking part in Eve in a wider way by actually hosting a presentation or roundtable. To supplement the presentations already given by devs, CCP are asking people attending Fanfest 2015 to offer ideas for player-hosted talks and discussions. All the details can be found here. I think that will do us this time round. Enjoy your Christmas and think of me stuck out here when you tuck into your dinner!
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About the author

Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • The Captain

    ” Of course, not everyone agrees with some of the opinion that this may be too overpowered. ” And this is the frustrating part. That “not everyone” is practically the entire solo/lowsec/FW/small gang player base because that is the situation that is is hugely OP in. Yet practically the entire large fleet/SOV/CSM community dismisses those concerns out of hand since it’s not their play style.

    It’s almost as if listening to the people who are the experts in something is being rejected by default just so those that don’t play that way can have a new toy they may use occasionally.

    As an actual solo/small gang/lowsec player (and I mean ACTUAL small gangs of 3-4 people who can’t “just bring a scanner”)I look forward to combat recons online in lowsec. I will adapt (or HTFU, you know the classic way to say “piss off your opinion/expertize does not matter” in Eve forums) and will be using these to help break the game. But I guess it’s O.k. since the CSM seems to considers the solo/small gang community as just “not everyone”.

    • xanderphoena

      I think your post is frankly a little disrespectful to both Sugar Kyle and Funkybacon who have both been solid CSM members to represent the interests of those in lowsec. To be frank, I’ve never flown for any length of time in lowsec so suggesting that I should somehow be more in tune with your concerns is more than a little unrealistic.
      There is a reason there are 14 members of the CSM and that is so all the different facets of gameplay are represented.

      • The Captain

        I really wasn’t trying to be disrespectful to any of the CSM. I think you guys do a bang up and thankless job. I suppose the amount of holiday scotch I drank last night may have made my rant seem a bit more hostile than I intended. I also wasn’t intending for YOU to know everything about the concerns people have with tis mechanic either. Sorry if it came off that way. I guess my frustrations was more with the way the debate has been characterized as, some like it some don’t, without noting that those that don’t are almost all the solo small gang guys (with a few small exceptions) while those that like it don’t play solo or small gang in lowsec. That’s all.

        I haven’t seen any presence from either Sugar Kyle or Funkybacon in the mini threadnaught on the D-scan changes. So really the solo/small gang/lowsec community doesn’t know where they stand on the issue either way…. After just looking at Sugar Kyle’s blog I see she has quite a bit of concern about it too. And I’m sure she is voicing those behind the scenes (because she is a fucking work horse!). But perhaps a link to those thoughts in the feedback thread would help. (but I should send her a note about that not talk about it on your blog so fuck it).

        Now I need to go get ready for round two of holiday drinking so I’m putting all stuff Eve away for a bit, except perhaps to theory craft a curse to blap easy kills with for the first few weeks people will be willing to engage in lowsec (ha). Anyway, didn’t mean any disrespect, have a great holidays and cheers.

        • xanderphoena

          Nah, it’s all good. I wasn’t meaning my reply to come across as aggressive either I just wanted to be clear it’s not that I was ignoring the concerns of lowsec more that I am simply not aware of them personally as my finger isn’t really on the pulse of that region tbh. I know a little of what goes on there from speaking to the likes of Sugar or Niden here at CZ but I certainly wouldn’t be so bold as to say I stand for lowsec pilots. That aside, I will also add that a strong and viable lowsec is good for everyone including us in 0.0.
          Enjoy the holidays and make sure and have a beer or eight for me while I am stuck on this godforsaken oil rig 😉

          • The Captain

            Beers 4-6 dedicated to you!