CSM9 Report: Week Thirty Four

Merry Christmas / religious holiday break capsuleers! Hope you all had a good one and Santa gave you what you deserve. I strongly suspect (I never know exactly how long these things will be when I sit down to write) that this report will be on the shorter end of the spectrum given the time of year and suchlike. Without further ado…

Module Tiericide

I touched upon this in last week’s report and further details have been laid out by CCP Terminus in a very detailed dev blog from last Tuesday. The change to naming schemes is interesting. There is a fine balance between making a vibrant and interesting sci-fi universe and naming things so they intuitively make sense. I was personally nervous they were going too far towards intuitiveness at the expense of a rich playing world but the new system is a pretty happy medium. You can read about tweaks to the module groups affected in the module pass on the dev blog. As always, these are not set in stone and feedback is requested here.


The feedback loop between players and CCP Rise continues and the first balance pass to the originally announced changes to Recons has appeared in the forums. For those of you wondering, D-scan immunity ain’t going anywhere. CCP is however very aware of the potential for abuse in FW plexes and this is something that will be monitored exceptionally closely.

Winter Summit

Thanks to those of you who have already emailed me with thoughts and queries for the report I am compiling to take to Reyk in a few weeks time. Please continue sending me your ideas either via Eve mail or here in the comments and I will have them added. A quick word that if you are considering standing for CSM X still and seek advice on the process or how it works, my (virtual) door is always open. Once I get off this rig early in the New Year, I’ll start hitting the campaign trail myself. Please all have a spiffing New Year and I shall see you same time, same place next week!
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