CSM9 Report: Week Thirteen

Watching Kylie perform at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony. She still looks cracking given she must now be older than the dinosaurs. But you don’t care about Antipodean songstresses, you’d rather hear what CSM9 has been up to!

Wormhole Masses

A change to wormholes has been pushed to SiSi under the radar and some people have kicked up a fuss about it on the forums. tl;dr – on SiSi at the moment, the mass of your ship is proportional to how far your ship is ejected from a wormhole when passing through. People are kicking up a fuss about this. Before you add to the discussion either on the forums, reddit or elsewhere, read this post from Fozzie first. Importantly, the numbers for this change are not locked in and will be part of a suite of changes coming to wormholes to be announced in a dev blog next week. Only then once the full context is known will feedback be gratefully received. Until then, a lot of people are making a lot of assumptions based on very incomplete information.

Skill Queue

In my report last week, I mentioned two potential changes to the skill queue being either remote access via CREST or a longer queue. CSM8 alumni Ripard Teg mentioned the following in the comments: There’s a third solution to the skill queue discussion: go to a DUST-style accumulating SP mechanic. I had actually forgotten about that as an option and it should have been there. I will say though, I think it’s an awful idea. People sat on accounts accumulating SP and literally never logging in sounds like a terrible idea to me. It is imperative that some form of engagement is maintained even if we back off a little from the in-client 24 hour queue we have at the moment. Fellow Zebro Wartzilla posted the following comment on the subject:

As someone who works offshore, the skill queue is about to be the last straw for me to quit, as I constantly lose out on training due to being away.

I have been forced to use a remote desktop solution to access my home computer in order to set a queue, because CCP does not allow me to log in with laggy satellite internet. As if this isn’t retarded enough, my remote desktop solution crapped out on me and can only be reset when I have physical access to the computer again, so this month I have lost out on between 1 and 3 weeks on all my characters.

Back when the game was still fun to play, I didn’t mind losing my training, but now that the game is basically dead and all I do is set skills while awaiting changes that make it good again, losing those skills is basically me pissing away sub money while it happens.

While I think he overplays his hand a little with the ‘basically dead’ comment, I know his frustrations are shared by a lot of nullsecers. I also work offshore and also come across the same problem when it comes to updating my queue. I know this can also be a nightmare for military personnel deployed abroad in areas with poor satellite communications.  Whether we see a change to how the skill queue operates within CSM9’s tenure, I don’t know. My guess (and it is just a guess) is that changes to how the skill queue works are going to come, sooner or later.

HAC Tweaks

CCP Rise has posted some potential HAC changes for Hyperion on the forums. Most of the discussion has been focused on that scourge of the 0.0 subcap meta, the Ishtar. The first stab at changes to it reduces the bonus to drone tracking and optimal range from 7.5% per level to 5% per level and maximum velocity from 195 to 185m/s. Most people in the forums feel these tweaks to the Ishtar are too soft. Most of CSM9 agree. Rise directly addresses the point in his OP: We expect that some of you will feel this is far too gentle on the Ishtar, and we understand that (it’s what we heard from the CSM as well), but we get releases very often now and we’re happy to be conservative here, rather than nuke it out of the game, and just make more changes if they’re needed in the following release. AAa23 I guess we have to sit and wait to see how these tweaks shake out. These numbers are locked in and changes can still be made. It could be that with these alterations, Hyperion renders the Ishtar somewhat reasonable within the meta. My gut is that these changes don’t go far enough.

ATXII Prize Structure

I’m not going to suggest that CSM9 had a whole lot to do with this one but I just wanted to point you all to Fozzie’s dev blog on the prize structure for ATXII. When we saw the initial draft for this dev blog in the internal forums, the thread quickly and deservedly got a whole bunch of +1s from CSM9. One of the biggest problems people have had with the Alliance Tournament up to now is the ease with which certain teams – I’m looking at you PL and Hydra – can lock down the top two slots and therefore all the incredibly valuable tournament ship prizes. Offering those ships further down the prize structure is a very good thing in my opinion.

Sharable Overviews

So the new EP of Eve Online, CCP Seagull let the cat out of the bag during her recent reddit AMA – sharable overviews are coming to Eve Online and they are already available on SiSi. There is a thread up within which you can go give thoughts and feelings. Some people feel that they would like to share a little more than they currently can on SiSi. Most people just seem happy that some form of sharable overviews are coming and can be iterated upon down the line. b11554_52f5494e57554f75bd906584f6e97124.jpg_srz_640_385_85_22_0.50_1.20_0


I need to be very vague and non-specific here. People aren’t happy with the Nestor. They aren’t flying them and they aren’t out there dying in glorious battle. CCP is also aware that the Nestor could be in a better place than it is right now. It is being discussed currently with CSM9 and some very preliminary ideas have been tossed around. To be 100% clear, there is no timeframe for when or even if any changes will be coming to the Nestor. Just know that the players, CSM9 and CCP are a little uncomfortable with where the ship is at right now and initial discussions are taking place. Don’t start complaining that the Nestor isn’t 500m ISK next week or that it can’t field 50 Heavy Drones in a fortnight or some such nonsense. That’ll do us for this week I think. Kylie is finished. She did The Locomotion. Amazing.
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