CSM9 Report: Week Ten

I write this while watching the final of the 2014 World Cup. We’re into extra time and it’s been goalless so far and yet still a classic. As mentioned last week, CCP is a wee bit quieter at the moment with many devs taking summer holidays and the like. Work continues apace though and here’s what CSM9 have been up to this week…

Summer Summit

As we announced on CZ45, the dates for the (not so) Summer Summit are now locked in and it’ll be happening from 17th – 19th September. The attendees are as follows: Sion Kumitomo Ali Aras Mynnna Sugar Kyle Mike Azariah Steve Ronuken Corbexx We were each asked to mail a list to CCP Leeloo with who we thought should go (we weren’t allowed to include ourselves) and the above matches exactly what I sent her personally. It’s a great line up which represents all the key areas of the game – 0.0, low, high, wormholes, industry, incursions, CREST/3rd party development and so on. I’d have loved to have been selected of course but it would have been tricky for me to have made this one in person. I hope to be able to attend all of it remotely and then maybe I will be selected for the Winter Summit.

New Player Experience

This has been a hot potato for years of course but we have been talking about it a lot of late both in the community at large and within the CSM itself. Then Mittens posted a very interesting article on the matter yesterday which I recommend reading. Of course his ideas aren’t particularly new or revolutionary – indeed Ripard was heavily pushing new player zones during his CSM8 tenure – but with the recently published ACU figures on the nosygamer blog, there is the need for more pointed discussion in how we turn new players into long term subscribers. CSM9 certainly aren’t all of one voice on the solutions for this topic but we are discussing it internally and will be putting our ideas to CCP. I am personally for the idea of new player zones. They feel a little ‘un-Eve’ to be sure but in this case, I think it’s a necessary evil.

POS Stacking Bonuses

This post from CCP Greyscale in which he confirms stacked POS bonuses expected to be coming in Crius have been shelved for the moment has been cause for some grumbles in the community. The tl;dr of the post is while it would have been cool to have in Crius, the dev time needed to make it work properly wasn’t worth the investment for now. Now as someone on the CSM, I can sympathise. There are limited dev hours in a given release cycle and that time needs to be invested as wisely as possible. What’s cool about the new release cycle is when CCP says they will get round to this, I genuinely believe they will. The new schedule gives them a lot more scope to do so. Of course, a lot of you will disagree and feels that cutting this feature is a grievous error. All I can say at this point is that both CSM9 and CCP are monitoring that thread closely so post your ideas and thoughts but keep it rational and constructive.


As well as writing a (sometimes) weekly CSM update, Mynnna has a rather cool little personal project running on anomalies at the moment. It’s one of those things that has probably deserved a new pass over by CCP for a wee while. He is after feedback from you, the wonderful players of internet spaceships game Eve Online. You can read all about it here with details for providing feedback. Do so please. That’s it for this week. Germany ended up winning the World Cup with a peach of a goal. Forlorn will be happy.
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