CSM9 Report: Week Sixteen

So that was a week to remember and I’m glad it is behind me. Thankfully, for both CCP and CSM9, I think we can put it down as a very successful week – all the hours put in  were very much worth it given the community response. You’ll not be shocked to hear that the main topic of conversation this week was… Somergate 2 This story was just breaking when I wrote up my Week Fifteen report last Sunday. Here we are seven days later and the book has been thoroughly closed on this one. I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with CCP throughout this situation. I was on record as stating that last time this happened a year ago, they got it all very wrong. It goes without saying that this should never have reoccured a year later. For whatever reason, it did and CCP’s response was quick, communicative and in my opinion, fair. CCP certainly don’t escape this one completely blame-free – it’s clear that Lisa Bell-Cabrera (CCP VP of Global Sales) was played by Somer through the use of some very tricksy wordplay – but everyone went above and beyond to ensure that this one was nipped in the bud quickly. CCPs Falcon and Leeloo deserve huge amounts of credit for the vast amount of work in with multiple 20 hour + days in a row. Lisa also then met with CSM9 to discuss exactly what happened. This was the polar opposite of how to solve a problem and keep the community informed when compared to last year and I can only hope that if something like this happens again, we will see a similar response. Burner Missions These are live on SiSi at last and the response has been very positive so far. People seem to be excited about PvE that plays out like PvP. We did hear some initial reports that four of the five missions could be done in a Worm without any high slots fitted but these are constantly being tweaked and adjusted by Fozzie and the current variants on SiSi should be even more balanced and challenging. I’m rather annoyed that I haven’t had the chance to try these myself what with being stuck out here on an oil rig but I can’t wait to lose infinite AFs to each of them. Summer Summit The increasingly inaccurately named ‘Summer Summit’ is mere weeks away now and everyone is girding their loins in anticipation. That is, as long as a certain volcano plays ball and doesn’t spoil the party… We now have the initial timetable in our hands. CCP Leeloo has been super on-the-ball when it comes to planning everything out, travel arrangements and the like. The good news from a personal perspective is I am due to be home for the entire summit so will be able to video in to all the sessions. Then we have the Minutes to look forward to (10m ISK to me every time I get a ‘where are the Minutes Xander?’ message – I’ll be richer than Chribba). API A few people have came to me of late and mentioned issues with various APIs and them refreezing rather slowly. I am waaay out of comfort zone with that stuff but I can tell you that Foxfour and Steve Ronuken are on the case. I realize this is about as vague a problem-solution update as you could hope for but it probably merited mentioning. That’ll do us for this week I think. An insanely busy week but one that resolved mainly around the quick and decisive resolution of the Somer situation leaving little room for much else.
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