CSM9 Report: Week Six

A quieter week this week in CSM-Land. I’ve pulled myself away from gorging on S2 of Community and the World Cup (of football, not fucking soccer) to write this wonderful weekly report for y’all.


For the first week since CSM9 took office, we had zero meetings with any of the dev teams this week. There was one scheduled but it got bumped to next week. I am reliably informed by Mike that we have now carried out as many meetings in the first few weeks of CSM9 as would normally be crammed into a single summit in Reyk so having a week off has allowed us to catch up on some other stuff.

Little Things

One of the coolest things CSM8 did was a Little Things project where you guys suggested small tweaks and ideas you had for making Eve better, CSM collated them and presented the top ones to CCP to discuss. Well guess what, we’re doing it again! We’re not ready to full go on this one quite yet – we have some IT demons to wrestle with at our end – but feel free to start taking a look and thinking of stuff to add. The relevant thread is here and I suggest you jump in and take part. CCP do listen to these closely so if you have something you want to see in the game, now is the time to let us know.

Industry / SiSi

The industry changes original slated for Kronos but now coming in Crius have now hit SiSi and lots of us have been taking a good look at them and having a play around. I recommend checking out the videos Ali made of her industry adventures on SiSi and Lockefox made on twitch explaining some of the changes and what they mean for all you fine industry types. Ali also nudged me to make you all aware that the long-awaiting industry part of the CSM8 winter summit minutes may be making an appearance ‘soon’. I can’t imagine there are too many secrets left in there by this point but there will be a few interesting tidbits I’m sure. reprocessing-ui


CSM9 has been hitting the media trail pretty hard over the past week. Sugar Kyle appeared on Eve Uni Mumble for an open Q&A last weekend and I myself did the same last night. Thanks to everyone who showed up to both Q&As and asked lots of super questions. Ali Aras continued her fabulous series of Space hangouts on Google+ last night also as she did throughout CSM8 and they are always a lot of fun to listen in to. Mike Azariah has been throwing himself around pretty much any podcast that would take him from Podside to a certain Crossing Zebras Episode 44 that should be appearing later on today. Corbexx, Major JSilva, CCP Leeloo and CCP Falcon all appeared on CapStable a week back and that’s a helluva illuminating interview I highly recommend checking out. So yes, we are all out there and putting our faces in your Eve media. A wee reminder that if you want to keep up with all our blogs, the best place to do it is the dedicated site we (read: Steve) set up over at CSM9.org.

Town Hall

The first CSM9 Town Hall is taking place this Sunday (22nd June) on Eve Uni Mumble at 1900 Eve. Mangala has posted full details here. If you have something you are keen to have answered, I recommend posting the question in the Jita Park thread before the day itself – you’ve a lot better chance of it being answered if we have the questions already. We will be taking questions on the night too but it’ll be on a first come, first served basis and we only have so much time. I think that’s about it. Shorter report this week but still plenty going on. You all know where to get a hold of me and if I don’t hear from you before then, I expect to see you all for the town hall next week.
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