CSM9 Report: Week Seven

Again, another fairly quiet week this week for CSM9 but work continues in the background while we all gird our loins for the first CSM9 town hall tomorrow. I can’t speak for the rest of the CSM but personally, I am very excited to hear your first set of thoughts and questions during the town hall.


Only one dev team meeting this week and that was the fortnightly sprint review with Team Five-0. Nothing too exciting discussed this time around although it would appear that CCP Fozzie has a big project incoming very soon to assist in consolidating some work CCP itself has already done. The sphere the project encompasses is very large indeed and few of you reading this will be unaffected by the potential solutions implemented. I wouldn’t expect this soon but you should all be very excited about this, trust me!


Many of you as well as CSM9 continue to tinker with the industry changes scheduled for Cruis and currently residing on SiSi. Many of us have received a lot of excellent feedback from you beautiful people while also generating some of our own. A number of features and functionality are still being tinkered with in the lead up to Crius so keep on providing feedback. One of the key areas people appear to be discussing is the UI itself. While clearly much better than the previous iteration, there are still some changes that have been suggested to improve things. Tweaking aside, I’m sure you’ll all agree that the industry update is a huge game-changer in the most literal sense and, as I have been throughout the past two months, I am impressed at just how receptive CCP have been towards well reasoned suggestions.


Mike asked me to give a wee shout out for the Incursions ‘Little Things’ thread he has started. Mike generates most of his income via Incursions and has flown with most of the famous groups – there’s no-one on CSM9 that I am aware of who is more familiar with this particular field of PvE. He is pooling together suggestions from the playerbase on ideas to improve Incursions from their current state. Once he has collated these, they will be presented independently to CCP for consideration. 3arU2Oph-620x350

Summer Summit

Whilst not yet public knowledge, the dates and the attendees for the Summer Summit have been more or less locked in now. I can’t give any more details for now but I will say that I think those selected to go have all worked incredibly hard so far and represent a good cross-section of Eve gameplay. As I have discussed in previous reports, I am very positive that this will be one of the most effective Summits yet simply down to the amount of work Leeloo has done in quickly establishing links between CSM9 and all the relevant dev teams.

Town Hall

The first CSM9 town hall is still scheduled to happen tomorrow (Sunday 22nd June) at 1900 Eve. It’ll be taking place on Eve University Mumble and Lanctharus from Cap Stable has confirmed that he will be chairing proceedings. All the concrete details appear here – check it out and please attend. Your thoughts, questions and feedback are vital to the whole CSM process. In a wider note, I think we are all getting a good feel by this point of who brings what to the table. Mike suggested on the last episode of CZ that this is a very different CSM to 8 and that interested me purely because of the five incumbents. I personally felt that with five strong people bridging the gap, things would continue much as before but seemingly the rest of us are creating a very different feeling beast. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing as such, just an interesting observation. It certainly feels to me like we are getting stuff done and effectively providing feedback but that would be for CCP themselves to tell you. We’ve hit the ground running and with the people we have involved, I don’t see that changing. Anyway, back to watching 22 men on the ground running in a field in Brazil.
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