CSM9 Report: Week One

Week one in the bag and it has been a busy one. I have never spent more time ‘Eveing’ than in these past few days since Fanfest and only the smallest fraction of that has been in client. It has been incredibly enlightening. Starting last weekend, CSM9’s first significant action was to dissolve the concept of officer positions. I should point out here that this was suggested by Sugar Kyle and quickly agreed to in unanimous fashion by the rest of CSM9, both new and incumbent. My reasons for supporting this decision are detailed here. The start of the week was a weird kind of purgatory where we were technically ‘CSM-elect’ but couldn’t properly fulfil our roles until the NDAs were sent, signed, scanned and emailed back. We got the NDAs from CCP Leeloo on Tuesday and most of CSM9 has sent it back (I believe the only person who hasn’t at this point is Matias). Tuesday evening, with the copies of the signed NDAs back with Leeloo, we were admitted entry to what feels like 452 Skype channels. There’s one for CSM9, one for CSM8 and 9 together to facilitate the handover, one for CSM8 and CCP which CSM 9 have been invited to during this handover period (an official CCP/CSM9 one is to follow), one for CSM Alumni open to any former CSMer and more I am probably forgetting. I awoke on Wednesday morning with over 900 Skype messages to work my way through. That has tailed off a little thankfully. Wee sidenote – some of you may notice the NDAs have been dealt with by CCP Leeloo and not CCP Dolan. Unfortunately Dolan is leaving CCP to join former devs Soundwave and Navigator at Riot. CCP Leeloo is taking over from Dolan as CSM Coordinator and seems entirely lovely so far. NDAs in place, we were invited to our first sprint meeting with Team Five-0. In attendance were CCPs Leeloo, Falcon, Masterplan and Fozzie. We did it over Microsoft Lync which a few people had some issues with but worked fine for me. This was a strange feeling as normally I am first on the list with technical issues. The sprint meeting lasted around 30 minutes and we got to see some interesting stuff but nothing super-exciting. Guessing they are saving the big guns (and free Titans?) for later on 😉 It was interesting to sit in and see the process in action with CSM8 though. On Thursday we got handed our first mini-project from CCP Rise with feedback to be delivered over the weekend. This is still a little tricky as the non-incumbent members of CSM9 don’t have access to the shared CSM/dev forums as I write this. Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 21.18.53 Friday, we were made aware of something that is being considered for Kronos. This was the cause for some genuine debate and discourse for the first time in our tenure, both with CCP and in-between ourselves. I’m very interested to seeing the player base response to this given that a) I personally consider it a very wise decision and b) it’s something CCP may need to do again in the coming year. I’m pleased CCP are looking at this path via consultation with ourselves. I hope the player base understands and agrees… I have faith in you guys! Finally, we got the confirmation of the election results from CCP Leeloo as well as the STV code. Voting is significantly down at 31k. There’s no masking the fact that this is a really bad turnout and probably reflective of a general apathy for the CSM process in the player base. This is something CSM9 will be working very hard to address over the next 10 months. This isn’t just about telling you to vote or even telling you why you should vote – this is about working hard in a visible, demonstrable and effective way so that we don’t need to be having this conversation again in 12 months time. For me, a huge consideration in whether or not CSM9 has succeeded as a body will be down to voter turnout in the CSMX (yeah, I’m going with CSMX not CSM10 – it looks cooler) is up. I’m not going to spend any more time discussing this here and now as I plan a fuller, more detailed post on this in the coming days. Regarding how I did personally? Rhavas did a great breakdown of the STV code on his blog here. I got in 8th on the STV-14 but based on what can be seen in the STV-2, it was almost entirely down to that 4th place on the CFC ballot. I had told everyone who would listen that my key fear was not getting enough #1s to last long enough to get the trickle down from Sion / Mynnna / Ali. As it was, I did have enough and the trickle-down reached me in round 8 where I was elected. In the STV-2 for the two permanent seats, I wasn’t in the top 14 meaning I didn’t get anywhere near the cross ballot support I had expected. Had it been straight forward FPTP, I wouldn’t have been elected. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that forever – in the FPTP analysis, Mynnna wouldn’t have been elected either. People would have voted very differently in those circumstances. The depressing fact is that low turnout worked out strongly in my favour. Had we seen twice the turnout, I may not have been elected. And that takes us up to today. A very busy week and a lot of fun. I’m pleased so far with the make up of CSM9 and the willingness to work together as a cohesive whole. Of course, we’re still in the honeymoon period but so far, so good.
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