CSM9 Report: Week Nineteen

This week’s report is a wee bit late but with good reason…

Eve Nottingham

The first Eve Nottingham meet was last weekend and a fantastic event it was to. Around 120 people turned up to the Antenna Media Centre in Nottingham for talks, PLEXes, beers and banter. Huge kudos to Nashh Kadavr from The Bastards for organising such a great meet. I was shattered by the end of it after driving almost 1,200 miles in two and a half days with 15 hours ‘socialising’ sandwiched in the middle. Anyway, why am I mentioning this here? One of the talks was a ‘CSM Q&A’ hosted by DJ Target from Eve Radio who asked me as the only attending CSM a few questions in front of the assembled throng followed by an open floor. There were some obvious questions such as ‘what is the biggest issue in Eve right now?’ and ‘what do you think of the new development cycle?’ and some less obvious ones such as ‘where are we with fixing local in 0.0?’ and ‘with all the focus on new player experience, has anyone given any thought to how difficult it is for returning players who have been unsubbed for a year or two?’. I answered all the questions as best as I could and I the whole event was videoed so once available, I’ll link the talk on here.

Summer Summit

As I type this, the seven attendees to the Summer Summit are likely tucking into a hearty meal with selected devs in Nora’s, Reykjavik. The schedule is more or less locked in place now and everything I wanted to see covered is in there. I will be video conferencing into every single meeting which should make for a very busy three days indeed. I will also state here and now that we have a schedule already in place for the Minutes and I have told the rest of the CSM that I am happy with being the dude who collates all the sessions and takes them to Leeloo. Someone has to to effectively play Secretary for the Minutes and given how many of you are quite justifiably going to be on my back about getting these in your hands, I’ll bear that cross. I’m quietly confident we won’t see the issues we saw from the past two Summits.


Seagull has released a dev blog with a detailed look at all the features for the next update, Oceanus. I covered most of these last week on here but Seagull embellishes the features with a little more detail so you should go read it. One thing that has seem to have slipped a lot of people’s notice is the first baby steps in the module version of the hull tiericide programme. At long last, module meta levels are going to be looked at and fixed. This is a huge and important programme and the ramifications for the game at large are massive. I can’t wait to follow this closely and see how it changes some key and long-established fits.

Matias / Asayanami

Matias Otero has resigned his place on CSM9 due to personal reasons. Replacing him is the guy who finished 15th in the CSM9 election, Asayanami Dei. I am very excited to see what Asay brings to the table. Already he has been a bundle of energy and I think given the debate surrounding the Wormhole community at the moment, a second pair of hands can do nothing but help Corbexx. With regards replacing a resigning member of CSM with the 15th candidate – this is an exciting and important new precedent for the CSM. The CSM is becoming ever increasingly busy with the new development cycle so having people on there who can’t commit to the necessary time needed is going to become an ever-increasing problem. Having 14 active and keen members makes things better for everyone.

Nullsec, development & the CSM

One of the questions I am often asked is ‘what do the CSM actually do?’ both in a day to day basis and when looking at the bigger picture. The other question I am getting a lot of at the moment is some variant on ‘what is happening with 0.0?’. CCP Fozzie has killed two birds with one stone with an incredibly important forum post. This post is incredibly important for two reasons. Firstly, it gives concrete details on just how CSM interaction with CCP devs improves the internet spaceships video game Eve Online for you the players. Secondly, it gives an initial timeframe for the long-awaited fixes to 0.0. I’ll pull out the specific quote: For this upcoming CSM summit we are planning to discuss in detail a set of significant, specific and targeted changes that we hope to release in late 2014, as well as the concepts and prototypes that we are developing for more far-reaching changes in 2015. Guys, change is coming and in news that should surprise no-one, this is going to be a key point of discussion during the Summit this week. Not only that, you guys aren’t even going to need to wait for the Minutes before you get to hear about them. The changes slated for this year will be with you rapidly after the end of the Summit. Amazing scenes. An incredibly busy week and it’s only going to get more intense in the next few days. Hope you are all keeping up at the back!
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