CSM9 Report: Week Nine

I send this week’s report from a wee oil rig around 60 miles west of the Shetland Islands on what is the worst internet connection that ever existed. I’m not lying when I say dial-up would be a massive improvement. Fortunately (maybe?) it is good enough for me to send you another weekly CSM report. You lucky devils, you!


Not really a lot to say on this one. It’s still due to hit TQ on 22nd July and the wonderful feedback loop generated from the community continues to reap dividends with bug fixes and tweaks pushed to Sisi. I am fascinated to see what difference these changes make to all of Eve but personally, especially 0.0 industry. The industrialists on CSM9 are very excited.


At long last this is a real thing and it is coming soon(TM). A broad trial is in place with ten sites participating and if you want to see what this is all about, you can do so on Sisi now. This dev blog explains all the details so if you have any interest at all (and you should), I highly recommend partaking. The security info in particular was incredibly illuminating. I’m not going to lie and say I’ve had a huge lot to deal with this from a CSM perspective but I can confirm that Steve Ronuken has been a hero in this one. Extend warm virtual hugs his way.

Social Clubs

We’ve had a few articles on CZ of late discussing NPSI groups and the concept of ‘clubs’. In an attempt to give more formality in a mechanical sense to NPSI groups such as Spectre Fleet and Redemption Road, incursion fleets such as Warp To Me and Incursion Shiny Network and special interest groups such as CFC SIGs, he has suggested the Social Club concept. It’s detailed here and I give my wholehearted support to it. There are many people who may be part of disparate corps and alliances in Eve but still want to hang together because for instance they support Manchester United, love Lego (everything is awesome!) or whatever. Having a way to formally bring these groups together outside of a simple channel/mailing list is a very good thing. This is exactly the kind of feature that may swing some people from a trial account to a full-time subscription and I think it’ll make New Eden a far more hospitable home-from-home.

(Little) Things

While work pushes ahead on a general ‘Little Things’ project as I mentioned previously here, there are a couple of more CSM-lead specific (Little) Things threads you may be interested in. First up, Corbexx has all you fine wormholers taken care of. Corbexx has been keeping his fingers firmly on the pulse of the WH community so far but if you want to suggest changes for the future of w-space development, you now have the opportunity. Secondly, Mike Azariah has an equivalent up for incursions. He doesn’t call it ‘Little Things’ (seemingly some people don’t like the concept of ‘little’) but incursions have been left relatively untouched since their inception. If you think something needs changed, that is the place to suggest it.

Ewarp Trick

I noticed this article on TMC a few days back and decided to do a little digging around. I don’t have any official CCP info on this as of yet and I can’t speak for other members of the CSM on the matter. What I can tell you is that it has been brought up with other members of CSM9 and there are varying opinions on the subject. My own personal opinion is that at best, this makes me a wee bit uncomfortable and not within the spirit of Eve (if there is such a thing). At worst, it’s an out and out exploit and if it is allowed to continue, there’s no reason I can see not to ever use it. The consequences of this ‘trick’ will be huge in the 0.0 meta and I’m sure elsewhere also. So yes, I am looking into it and when I have something a little more concrete, I’ll let you all know. And that’ll do is for this week. Still plenty happening despite the summer lull. You know where to get me if you have any thoughts, questions or ideas.
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