CSM9 Report: Week Four

We’re a month into this thing already. Four weeks. And still CCP wield the whip mercilessly…


Our second week of meetings in what has been dubbed the ‘mini-summit’ was slightly less intense than the week before. We met with five teams over the past five days and those were Team Klang (sound), Team Game of Drones (industry), Team RnB (programming) Team TriLambda (art) and Team Super Friends (industry / UI). I managed to make the initial four but not the final one yesterday as I was spiked with work. The first four followed the same format as last week – introductions and consolidation of what we know is locked in for Kronos. I may have appeared a little ‘fanboy’ during the TriLambda meeting over some of their recent work on the SoE and Mordu’s Legion ships. And the Moa obv. I am gutted I missed the Super Friends meeting as I heard it was a little more in depth on some future plans and ideas. We haven’t been sent the download link yet from Leeloo for that one but I’m looking forward to listening back when I hit dry land next week. One interesting thing that did come up during our Team Klang discussions has resulted in another meeting being organised. Klang have some cool ideas for further enhancing the aural landscape of New Eden and we gave some feedback based on some very preliminary ideas and concepts. One of the issues they have when looking to implement new ideas involving sound is people using multiple clients. As you can imagine, this conversation quickly lead off towards multiboxing. This is one of the only areas of the EULA which, to me at least, is incredibly grey and honestly, nothing we discussed with Klang made it any more black and white. Of course, Klang devs were keen to point out to us that multiboxing isn’t within their jurisdiction so I have spoken with Leeloo about arranging a meeting with the relevant team to discuss further. More details soon(TM). The general feeling on the CSM side is this mini-summit has been a huge success. We have hit the ground running with a number of teams now and team-specific Serious Business Skype channels must be numbering in the thousands by now judging by the number of messages I need to work through each morning. Hopefully establishing all these relationships with the various teams so quickly in our term will show how keen we are to crack on and get work done and the Summer Summit should be a lot more productive as a result.

Dev Blogs

With Kronos hitting the streets next week, it shouldn’t surprise you that the expansion is more or less locked in now as far as CCP is concerned. As such, senses were assaulted with a full NINE new blogs up yesterday most of which were informing you, the lovely playerbase, of exactly what would be smashing into your client come Wednesday. My personal favourite (fuck you WordPress for trying to turn ‘favourite’ into ‘favorite’) is CCP Fozzie’s balancing blog which goes into detail on the latest round of hull changes and tweaks Team Five-0 has worked its magic on. (My least favorite one was the announcement of the chosen ATXII commentators because I’m not on it. It is a superb commentary team though. I’m not mad or bitter.) Oh and it looks like they may be fixing the Mac client at long last. Hallelujah. 3

Neural Remaps / Medical Clones

Neural remaps are still being looked at as a thing. I don’t really have any more details on it at the moment but I haven’t forgotten either. I’ve given CCP a wee nudge on this one and as soon as more details are available I’m sure they will let us know. The cost of medical clones is something that has been brought up. We know that expensive clone costs can stop certain high SP players from PvPing on that toon. The counter argument has always been that players of that age often have PvP alts or have so much ISK that the clone costs are irrelevant anyway. I’m not really sure what side of the fence I sit on this one. I don’t think clone costs should be scrapped but perhaps reduced? One potential solution suggested by Steve Ronuken was for a clone insurance period where you pay ‘x’ and that covers all your clone costs for ‘x’ days. Could be useful in a time of war when you know you are going to be taking part in an extended, concentrated period of PvP. So yeah, we don’t have any solutions necessarily but it is on the table for discussion at the moment. If you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to pop them in the comments below (as with anything here).


People such as Mangala have discussed at length the difficulties in organising groups within Eve outside of the traditional corp/alliance structure. Something suggested by Sugar Kyle is the concept of a club which doesn’t require you to leave your corp but automatically grants a mailing list and an in-game channel. Ostensibly, they could be used as social groups in-client, something many people try to force to happen via manual mailing lists or take outside to jabber and external forums. These could be useful for people from a shared background or hobby from outwith the game, they would help organisations such as Ganked or Spectre Fleet or could be used by groups of real life friends. Of course, the issue then comes down to ‘what’ exactly these clubs could and could not do as well as the ability to grant permissions to those team members. So again, it’s something that is on the table and being discussed. I have no idea if it’s something that will be implemented in any form but I certainly think the concept holds a lot of merit and would be useful for a lot of people.

Something Cool

I can’t really give any details on this at the moment but we are working closely with CCP to organise a CSM event in-game which could end up being awesome. Details are still to be hammered out but if it goes as planned I think you will all get the opportunity to see how awful the likes of myself and Sion really are at this game. Hell, you may even get the opportunity to point some guns at us directly to make the point… That’ll do is for this week I think. I’ve probably missed stuff but I’m sure Mynnna, Sugar or one of my other comrades will take up the slack. As I mentioned earlier, ideas and feedback are always appreciated so feel free to drop a comment below or send me an Evemail.
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