CSM9 Report: Week Forty

Well it’s been a very interesting week for CSM9 shenanigans, hasn’t it? I’m going to keep to the more clerical issues facing the Council over the past week as opposed to some of the sideshows that seem to be garnering a lot of attention.


Eve is a game that has never been lauded for it’s PvE content. In fact, it’s a game that has in the past been deservedly derided for some pretty awful PvE content. Incursions did something to alleviate things for a short while before the community eventually solved and milked them for easy ISK. CCP are aware of the issue and are doing something to tackle it. We now have Seekers capable of following capsuleers, hunting them down even when they believe they have found a safe spot. Well now we have evidence from Sisi of new Drifter battleships capable of killing a Marauder in Bastion mode in one shot. They’ll even manage 132k damage in one shot on a tanked Archon so you better be ready for them… I personally think that having more ‘boss mode’ NPCs in Eve is a good thing. It’s not something I’d want to see too prevalent – Eve isn’t WoW and shouldn’t try to replicate it with dungeon bosses and such like – but a smattering of exceptionally tough NPCs is guaranteed to make of some glorious killmails as well as providing a new challenge for those in Eve who enjoy shooting red crosses (yes, they do exist). We’ve seen what damage those Burner missions can cause, let’s see what havoc the Drifters can wreak across New Eden. And as a signpost as to what else CCP might have planned for the future…?

Corp Little Things / Friendly Fire Control

CCP Punkturis posted a dev blog covering some tweaks to corp UI following the thread I mentioned in last week’s report. There are a number of small quality of life tweaks such as increasing the limit on mailing lists to 5,000 and providing a filter for corporation member lists. The key point of the blog though is to discuss the upcoming changes to Friendly Fire. I know from speaking to different portions of the community before the Winter Summit that there is not a universal opinion on this new change to the game. Some of you believe that this change makes the game a little safer for new players and after all, new players and the life blood of Eve. Others see this as making the game, ‘less Eve’ – reducing what the game is fundamentally about at a fundamental level. Punkturis goes the lengths to explain that some people never left NPC corps because they new that joining a player corp could lead to them being awoxed. NPC corps provided absolute safety. Unfortunately, because those players missed out on meaningful social interactions with other players, many did not stick around. We know from Fanfest last year that there is a a direct correlation between players interacting with others and those who become long term subscribers so there is appears at least on the surface level to be a reasonable justification here from CCP. It’s a tough one. I have spoken a lot with people who are strongly against this change and I can definitely sympathise with their position to a degree. I guess the question then becomes more philosophical – do we want an Eve that thrives if it isn’t the same Eve us bittervets know and love or do we need to accept that the game does become a little friendlier for new players to ensure it’s longevity? It’s not something I have an answer to and I can only imagine it’s a quandary that CCP has to deal with each and every day on each design decision.

Fanfest Stuff

Bam Stroker made me promise I’d mention this – there is going to be a football match at Fanfest – the devs vs the players. Such luminaries as Progodlegend, Bobmon and, of course, yours truly have already signed up. It’s on the Tuesday night so it’s going to be a great way to kick off the week. This is your one chance to actually physically face off against devs on the (field of battle) football pitch and you can sign up to take part here. There was also something else run by us at Winter Summit regarding Fanfest that I got very excited about. There is a tradition now established for a number of auctions at Fanfest to give away Eve related memorabilia and such like. This year they are going one step further. Some of the Tranquility server blades are being switched out and the old ones are being given see-through plates and commemorative plaques  describing when it was in service and what expansions it covered. This could be as close as you will ever get to physically owning a piece of New Eden and it’s all for charity too! I suspect they will be very popular in Harpa. I think that’ll do us for now. Election season is hotting up and there is going to be lots more to discuss in the coming week or two. Stay tuned!
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