CSM9 Report: Week Forty One

The report is slightly late this week but put that down to a fantastic night in with a friend last night playing Android: Netrunner – a game I highly recommend, especially to any of you who may be MtG fans. It has been a quieter week but there are still some things to go over…

CSMX Election Season

The application period for prospective candidates is now over. I’ve been informed by CCP Leeloo that my application went through without any problems. I noticed her mention on Tweetfleet Slack that there were over 100 applicants for the CSMX election and after being whittled down by Internal Affairs and the ability to send through the relevant identification documentation, we will likely have a little over 70 candidates for the final election – a magnificent, if slightly overwhelming, total. I mentioned this on Slack and Jayne Fillon confirmed that this is the highest number of approved candidates for any election ever, beating the total set for CSM1. I hope that this is reflected in turnout – traditionally there is a pretty strong correlation between the number of applicants and voter turnout. I’ve been catching up on many of the other applicants in doing my rounds of the Eve media circuit. My Cap Stable interview is now in the can and should hopefully be live before the election starts – huge thanks to those fine gents for shuffling their schedule to accommodate me and my real-life job. I recorded with the Legacy of a Capsuleer guys a couple of days ago and that should be up and live any day now. We covered a lot of ground, including the evolution of interaction between players, CSM and CCP, as well as some of the discussion on transparency surrounding the Council of late. I recorded CZ53 on Monday evening with Manfred Sideous of PL and Endie of Goonswarm and we covered the future of sovereignty and the potential impacts to 0.0, as well as both their respective CSMX campaigns. That should be up to listen to later on today. Finally, at very short notice, I jumped onto DJ BigCountry’s Eve Radio last night along with fellow CSMX candidate UAxDEATH. Another very fun record and you can check that one out here.


Tiamat hit TQ yesterday and other than some minor complaints about slow patch download speeds during USTZ, it appears to have launched relatively smoothly and without any major hitches. Desperate to get on myself and take a Svipul for a spin.


Four weeks from now, I will be at Fanfest. That’s no time at all. There was one very cool thing we were told about at Winter Summit which is now public knowledge via a dev blog from CCP Gargant. At Fanfest, the winners of the last AT here on TQ will face off against the winners of a similar tournament held recently on Serenity. All participants will actually be there in person – the team from Serenity are being flown in especially from China for the event. Not only that, but whichever team wins will ensure that every single active account on their represented server will receive a very special ship – the Victorieux Luxury Yacht. And here’s the kicker – the losing server will never receive the ship at any point. In a Fanfest with some huge events such as the eclipse and the devs vs. players football match, this is going to be another massive draw for players. I could not be more excited about Fanfest this year! I think that about does it for this week. Of course, CSM9 continues to work hard in the background with some recent discussions surrounding the new sov system and follow-up work to plans discussed regarding the current Buddy system. All hands on deck between now and Fanfest!
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