CSM9 Report: Week Eleven

Once again, sending this from an oil rig over one hundred miles from the nearest land. The cherry on the cake for this particular installation is that it has no wifi. It has shared terminals people can use but without wifi, I have no access to Skype and less-than-instant access to email, twitter and forums. This is the first rig I’ve ever been on without such a fundamental, essential human need (I may be over-exaggerating a touch) so it’s a little weird – I feel uncomfortably disconnected from the world.  And yet, even while engaged in summer holidays and the like, CCP and CSM9 continue to work on a certain internet spaceships game you are aware of. Here’s what we have been up to this week…

Planetary Interaction

This one hasn’t been touched for a while but it came up in the appropriate backchannels in a conversation led predominately (but not exclusively) by corebloodbrothers and mynnna. The topic started with potential improvements to 0.0 PI but soon spidered off into PI in general. There’s no promises, guarantees or timeframes on this one but there does seem to be a willingness from CCP to look at iterating on PI both mechanically and from an UI perspective.


The changes to industry are now locked in and CCP Greyscale has posted a dev blog with the key changes here. I am not an industrialist but I can confirm that those in CSM9 who are (and indeed, some of us who aren’t), spent a lot of time working on these numbers with CCP to get them right. Some of you may be disappointed that the POS stacking bonuses were cut or that your ME/PE 10 blueprints have been somehow been devalued (even if only in a relative sense) but they were changes made for the greater good of Crius and most people I have spoken to seem happy. Of course, both CCP and CSM9 are monitoring the feedback thread closely but as always, keep it constructive.

3rd Party Devs / CREST

Most of this dev blog may as well be in Chinese for me (note: I don’t know any Chinese) but I am reliably insured that all you third party devs out there will want to read this and take note. Needless to say, Steve Ronuken has been doing God’s work along with the likes of FoxFour on ensuring that the relevant end points are available via CREST.

Corp / Alliance Roles

As you may have heard Ali Aras mention on a recent (and very good) episode of Declarations of War, corp and alliance roles are still being looked at very closely. A definitive list of what corp and alliance roles currently touch gameplay-wise has been complied with the intention of looking at what can be altered and improved. Many of you have contacted me asking about increased corp bookmarks or alliance fits and suchlike. As always, there’s no guarantee of anything but keep sending me ideas for what you would like to see under corps and alliances in the future and I’ll make sure and run it up the flagpole. There’s a couple of other things I’d love to discuss with you but just can’t because ~NDA~. (Somewhere, Ripard is sniggering while sipping his morning cup of coffee.) One feature in particular is going to be huge for a massive percentage of the New Eden population. When it hits TQ (it won’t be Crius), there will be much joy. And that’s about it for this week. A short entry due to a) me being slightly more out the loop than I would normal due to an oil rig with terrible internet and b) CCP summer holidays. Whips continue to be cracked, CSM9 continues listening to what you guys have to say and work continues apace in making New Eden a shiner, happier place to live.
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