CSM9 Report: Week Eighteen

Home sweet home. It’s very nice to be back and I’ve hit the ground running with a lot of Eve stuff to catch up on. Here’s the latest news for CSM9.


The second CSM9 Townhall took place last night and given the simultaneous running of the ATXII finals, was fairly well attended. A lot of people have asked why it was decided to hold it at the same time. The long and short of it was next weekend would be too late what with attendees travelling to Iceland and not a lot of people tend to be able to make midweek Townhalls. As such, the weekend of the ATXII finals was the best of a bad bunch. I was roped into hosting at the last minute and despite the relatively low turnout and some technical gremlins, we had some fantastic questions. You can listen to the recording here. The questions were varied but mostly predictable with the usual focus on ship rebalancing, nullsec changes and the long term developmental health of the game. It all came in at just around an hour so it is well worth your time to go check it out – especially the wee moment Chitsa and Corbexx had what could charitably be called a ‘difference of opinion’. As we mention in the stream, the next Townhall is likely to be around Eve Vegas time. Before then, Ali plans on restarting her Google Hangouts, Sugar continues with her series of chats on Eve Uni mumble and I intend to grab a couple of Summer Summit attendees here on CZ.


The next Eve Online update is named Oceanus and the first version is available on Singularity even as we speak. The key features from this initial patch are as follows: – French Localization – Team TriLambda with a lot of shiny:
  • New cloaking effect
  • New wormhole effects
  • New LOD system
  • Space Object Factory
– Filter results by overview tab preset in D-Scan window – New easy way to import EFT format text fittings Ohh la la! Some very cool stuff with a lot more still to come. For those of you who asked about nullsec / sov during the Townhall and elsewhere – it’s worth noting that now as well as Seagull discussing it here on CZ, Greyscale also went out of his way to discuss it when he appeared on the panel during the final weekend of ATXII (jump to around six minutes in). In news that should shock no-one, any 0.0 rework is unlikely to appear in Oceanus. I strongly suspect we won’t see a final solution before the end of 2014 but that is pure hunch rather than any inside information. Personally, I would rather they got it right first time. But yeah, Oceanus looks interesting so far. Lots of nice wee life improvements but I am excited to see what else is still to come. Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.05.59


As Corbexx mentioned during the Townhall, all is not well in w-space. Some of the recent changes have been very warmly received, others not so much. Corbexx is working really hard on this one so keep sending your feedback but you can read his thoughts on the matter on his blog directly here. Again, I don’t claim to have and sort of knowledge on life in wormholes but if his claim that the population has the potential to drop in the region of 20 to 40% in the next three months is true, that is bad news. I expect this will be a hot topic of conversation at the upcoming Summit.

Nottingham Meet

Apart from a few people at Fanfest 2013 and a wee Glasgow meet a couple of years back, I know many of you have been desperate to meet me in the actual flesh, shake my hand, get a picture taken, buy me a beer, etc, etc… Well now the opportunity has arrived! This coming weekend, on 13th September, I will be appearing at the Nottingham Eve Meet along with other such dignitaries as fellow CSM9er and CZ writer Mangala Solaris and doesn’t-play-Eve-any-more-so-fuck-knows-why-he-is-going-er Jeg Elsker! There’s lots of prizes to be given out and as I understand, CCP will be Skyping devs in to talk to the attending crowd which I believe is sat at around 150 folk as we speak. Should be a right good day / night out and all the details are here on the Eve forums. Be there or be circle. That will do us for this week. Plenty going on. Between an insanely busy weekend incoming (Nottingham is ~12 hour drive each way for me) and the Summit in the days following, I expect my next couple of updates to be rather more substantial. 
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