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So turns out (unlike what I actually state in the interview) that this is the fourth time I have sat down to talk with CSM8 about what they are up to. What makes this one a little different is we are less than 72 hours from the completion of the Summer Summit. As always, we have two members of CSM8 to sit down and talk to. First up is the always wonderful Ali Aras. Ali was in Iceland for the first time so she is our ‘man inside’ for this particular interview. Secondly, we have Chitsa Jason. Chitsa took part in the vast majority of the Summit via remote link which wasn’t always the most reliable…

There’s an awful lot to get through this episode but we somehow manage to cram it into an hour. Topics include how well received CSM8 were in Iceland, the aforementioned issues for those remote linking in to the Summit, the contentious issues that came up and who was the most surprising attendees both CCP and CSM.

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You can drop me an email at xander<at>crossingzebras.com or on twitter if you have any questions you want to ask before the next interview.

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  • Michael Salhany

    About the mobile stuff crest is not ready for prime time. Given 4 more months crest will be more ready and then they can make apps using information points that the dev teams have provided. Any early apps will be faster generated by the community.

  • Green Gambit

    RvB – Flight of 100,000 Airplanes:

    Starts on Oct 26th, and runs until… well all 100,000 ships have been exploded!

    All the ships will be basic T1 fits, so you don’t need millions of skill-points. Although like last time we did this there will be some “interesting” fits ( blaster-fit Punishers anyone? ) so it’s worth making sure you can use all T1 small weapons, and all T1 e-war as you can never be entirely sure what you’re going to get in the POS!

    I’m pretty sure you’ll need a character in RvB to get in the POS to get a ship – but as joining RvB is just a matter of applying and being accepted (no API keys or interviews or stuff like that required) it’s as open as such an event can be. In fact it’s perfect for a low skill-point alt!

    Bah somebody accidentally jumping a Titan into low-sec… this will be the biggest thing on in Eve that weekend!

    More information at the linky: http://rvbeve.com/forums/index.php/topic/6067-rvb-presents-100000-airplanes-4th-mass-ffa/

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