CSM8: October Interview


It’s that time again where I, Xander Phoena, sit down with CSM8 to discuss what they have (or haven’t) been up to. Normally, I have CSM8 members beating a path to my door to take part in these interviews but that wasn’t the case this month round. The good news however is that we have two very high caliber members indeed who were more than willing to step into the breach. First up is the awesome mercenary and wormhole aficionado, Chitsa Jason who jumped on the show at the very last minute. Secondly, we have the figurative and literal leader of the CSM, the mighty Trebor Deahdoow.

As you can imagine given recent events, there is some interesting and frank discussion with both the guys so I want to thank them for coming on to talk to me at what is a very busy time for the CSM. The key topics of discussion this month are the CSM Summer Summit minutes and, of course, the ever-developing situation with CCP and Somer and how CSM8 are now involved in that.

CSM8_ October Interview.mp3

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You can drop me an email at xander<at>crossingzebras.com or on twitter if you have any questions you want to ask before the next interview.

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