CSM8 Election Interviews: CCP Dolan


It seems somehow fitting that (probably) the last person I interview as part of this project is the CCP representative for the CSM, CCP Dolan. While some aspects of the election have went very well, other parts of the process haven’t run so smoothly.

CSM8 Election Interviews_ CCP Dolan.mp3

Dolan sat down to go over some of the key issues from the CSM8 elections including the following questions:



  • Why such a short gap between announcing the new election process and voting system and the primary itself?



  • Why are we still in a situation where so many of the playerbase don’t know what the CSM is and what do CCP plan on doing about it?



  • Are there any fears that the complicated new voting system may cause voting numbers to drop?



  • What are the differences between what the CSM does and the public perception of what the CSM does?



  • What is the outcome of the ‘false positive’ endorsement situation?



  • What do you say to those who believe the primary and the STV voting system favour organised nullsec blocs?





  • Why does CSM8 have the lowest number of candidates from any CSM in history?



  • Has CSM7 done a good job in your eyes?



  • What is situation currently with the Dust War Council?




I want to thank Dolan for being frank, open and honest with me during this interview. It was the perfect way to end a long but fun project to try and get as many CSM candidates directly to the Crossing Zebras listeners. I’ll write up a proper retrospective on the project tomorrow but for now I want to thank everyone who has took part in the project – those who were interviewed, those who have listened and those who offered encouragement.

Fly safe,



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Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.

  • bluntpencil

    It really does seem like CCP want to fix the CSM but apparently
    aren’t sure what underlying causes they are trying to address. Like a scene in
    a film where the hero has to choose which wire to cut, CCP are choosing the
    blue wire because someone else told them to cut the red one.

    The underlying solution to increasing participation be it voting,
    sports, shopping or anything where you seek to attract people to your tent is
    to make in relevant. The CSM is irrelevant because CCP make it irrelevant by
    their absolute lack of any positive messaging around how the CSM has
    contributed to the game’s development. This is a major reason people don’t vote
    for the CSM is because they don’t care and they don’t care because CCP don’t

    I’ve rarely seen a dev blog, expansion or indeed any major development in
    the game mention CSM input. I’ll be interested to see how they up voter participation, but whatever they do CCP spending more time explaining how the CSM are contributing is key. On that, after all their talk about making the election
    process more a more serious, professional, endeavour I do hope they don’t go
    for some cheap prizes for votes scheme.

    If CCP want people to care about the CSM they have to present it as an important part of the game development process and have to explicitly state how it’s contributed to the release that impact us all. When CCP demonstrates
    that they care about the CSM input, the players will care about CSM because
    they’ll believe the correlation.

    At the moment you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who believes the CSM influenced the game in anyway, in fact I’m pretty sure most people would say CCP Fozzie was the biggest influence on their game.

    I really hope CCP Dolan spends more of his time communicating the benefits to Eve that the CSM members deliver and show people who essentially take on a unpaid job the respect they deserve – maybe then people will care enough to vote.

    • xanderphoena

      Some excellent points here. I hope Dolan sees this and takes note. As I said at the during the interview, CCP must spend resources making the playerbase aware of what the CSM are and what they do. That’ll increase voting and increased voting makes the CSM a more powerful and representative body, irrespective of voting system. I hope this interview was the start of a big publicity push for the CSM by CCP. The coming weeks will show us either way.

      Thanks for the comment anyway bluntpencil.

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