CSM Report: Week Twenty Nine

Short entry this week as I am stuck on an oil rig with one hour of wifi a day (yeah I know right?) and it’s been a fairly quiet CSM week anyway.

This is Eve

So a trailer came out. It is the best Eve Online trailer ever created. I worry that it won’t ever be topped because even if they did something similar again, it may still be awesome but it wouldn’t be the same as the first time you saw ‘This is Eve’ right? I mean, we were told when I interviewed Fozzie and Rise that a trailer was coming but even CSM9 didn’t get to see it early. I was worried I wouldn’t get to see it until I get back on dry land because of my horrific internet out here. Fozzie came up trumps and mailed me it. The buzz has been huge. Just massive. Reddit, #tweetfleet, games press – everywhere just huge. There is always a spike when a new trailer comes out but I think this one may actually retain a significant number of these players. This trailer is a culmination of something I have been thinking for a while now – more so than any time in the past four or five years, CCP ‘gets’ Eve and more importantly, it gets the player base. Eve has been in a rough place for a couple of years but I sincerely believe the corner has been turned and ‘This is Eve’ proves it to me. Magnificent.


Work on Rhea continues apace. We have now seen a first stab at some potential numbers for the new Amarr T3 dfestroyer – the Confessor. I think finding the perfect balance point for these is going to be a lot of hard work but if the relevant devs get it right, it could be an awesome ship. It already looks stunning. Quite a lot of people have been asking when we may get to a T3 cruiser rebalancing pass. The Tengu probably needs a good look at some time soon. It’s being discussed internally but no time frame as of yet. There are a heap of other ongoing discussions going on in internal forums at the moment. Some are looking specifically at the game itself, others more at the amazing Eve community as a whole and what we can do to help it grow and develop. This is one of those wee teases but yeah, I think there are some cool things in the offing.


I’m calling it CSMX rather than CSM10 from here on in because the former is way cooler. Some people have announced that they are standing for the next CSM. Apart from the announced incumbents, I noticed fellow Scotsman and Goon Endie has confirmed he is standing. Endie is one of the most articulate and reasoned posters in the Eve community and while I haven’t spoken with him lots, I do think he’ll make an excellent CSM member. Unfortunately, he stands in place of Mynnna who has confirmed he won’t be in the running for X. I thought Mynnna was one of the strongest members of CSM8 and that opinion was only strengthened in serving with him in 9. He’ll be a sore loss to the process but I’m sure Endie will step up. As to whether I will be restanding, I don’t know yet. And this is a genuine ‘don’t know yet’ as opposed to a ‘I do know but I’m not telling you’. I need to speak to a whole heap of people before I make up my mind. I’ll keep you all informed! And that’ll do us for this week. A short entry to be sure.
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