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Hello there. Given that the CSM applications hit the cutoff date of 17th of February this will be the last CSM Candidate roundup in this format, and it will deal with the last turtles to cross the finish line into an official candidacy. I mostly review candidates off their threads and whatever tidbits i know of them and unless specifically mentioned, i don’t comment on their personal lives or how they act on twitter (#disclaimer). And if it needs to be said, all of this is subjective as hell. With ass-covering completed, let’s get this last edition started.

I’m going to start this off with a candidate i missed last week and the entirety of last month apparently. He’s been a heavy CSM campaigner over the last few years and like Loralei, which i’ve mentioned in the last one, he’s running for the highsec seat, but don’t let that fool you. I’m talking of Commander Aze, a 2006 player, leader and historied FC, which also dips his toes in public NPSI fleets, incursions, industry and a tiny bit in being the Alliance Tournament Captain for Spectre Fleet. Little things like that.
His candidacy thread is utterly the most ridiculously constructed one i’ve seen yet. Public quoted endorsements from big names, interviews, links, coverages, affiliations, and literally everything he’s done in Eve out on display. If there’s anything that candidacy thread proves is that he’s connected enough with the lifeblood and groups of Eve to have valid opinions, and if not, know someone who has one. Given the few candidates we do have for highsec, it’ll be a challenge to pick one, since i’m not sure we have seats for two, let alone three, but Aze’s definitely in the lead.

Continuing to shepard the interests of wormhole space, we have Noobman running yet again, this time for the CSM12 seat.  His candidacy is full of references to his time on CSM11 and his dedication to the CSM and its process, especially from the side of pushing wormhole interests. That’s important because you might have heard a lot of ‘low-sec and faction warfare candidates’ as well as a good deal of ‘null sec representatives’, but i think i can count the number of wormhole candidates on one hand. At this point if you want WHs well-represented in CSM12, you will have him on your voting slip.

Providence has had a large surge of players vying for a seat on the CSM, we saw that last week and we saw it again this week:

Moving down to smaller players, we have BroHamo, a provi-based candidate, that “started out in EVE as a child 8 years ago Hauling for [his] father” and “studied under some of the Best pilots in the art of Null-sec warfare, Industry, and beholding the NRDS banner”. I guess that’s something. While the thread speaks of some measure of passion for the game, his focuses seem a bit well-worn by this point. He wants to push for Alpha Clones and the NPE, Medium AC balance and “maintaining a fair-minded unbiased point of view”. Not bad things to strive for, but when you’re faced down with some of the pure brass and experience that the other candidates bring to the table, let alone connections and community involvement so far, you have to fight a lot harder to get noticed.

Moving on we have Ncc 1709, yet another provi-based candidate, running from what i can see from a standard nullsec perspective. He mentions he’s the CEO of a corp started ten years ago, so we can assume he has a fair bit of experience under his belt, also because, as he mentioned it, “[he’s] lost pretty much every ship in the game, Titan included”. The points he wants to push for are standard NS, rorquals, bubbles, citadels, cloaky camping and moon goo. While i would want to support smaller candidates, the matter comes again of how the space he wants to represent could be better represented by some of the ‘bigger’/more well known and community-facing candidates also working off the nullsec vector. 

not because they weren’t even aware that a certain game mechanic existed

We also have Carbon Alabel of, you guessed it, Provi-fame, part of Sev3rance/The Alabaster Albatross, a pretty fresh player of just a year or two of null under his belt. While the others had issues expressing /why/ are they running per se, Carbon tell us: “I know EVE inside and out, I have the time for it, and trust myself to be responsible with the role should I be elected.”. That’s a respectable reply. He’s mostly running under a third party devving angle for his candidacy, but a single great point with which he won his way into my ‘to-watch’ was a great focus on the information game in Eve. “Players should experience loss because they made a mistake or were outsmarted by someone, not because they weren’t even aware that a certain game mechanic existed, and information on it wasn’t available to them.”. For me this is a very large sore point with Eve that has so far not gained any real traction with the community, and i’d love to have this kind of voice on the CSM.

We move out of the provi-sphere with Viktor Koraka bringing some 2005 pedigree to the table and a recurring active player since 2012. He’s running on a highsec platform with focuses on the market, PI and various highsec specific ills like congestion of ships around Jita exit as well as mobile depo spam. It’s interesting to see that things some of the larger names take for granted, as the mentioned Jita undock bumping, come out in some of the ‘smaller’ candidate’s viewpoints. I guess there is something to be said about ‘not seeing the forest for the trees’, but again, with a very limited number of seats, it’s hard to fit in someone purely on providing said ‘smaller’ view. And highsec already has some pretty important representatives in the running.

A nicely-written candidacy thread can only get you so far

Coming up is Stellan Crendraven a 2012 player, member of Brotherhood of spacers, a sov-holding alliance. While most nulls would start talk of citadels, supercaps and space highways, which are valid points, Stellan talks in his candidacy thread more of his ability to be involved in the community; active in all the various social aspects of the game. His focus is on the social structures that define Eve coupled with experience in flying around in null. A nicely-written candidacy thread can only get you so far but sadly Stellan’s doesn’t impress with any viewpoints that we can’t find in thirty other threads. I wish him and his supporters luck though.

Quince Rin is also running on the, now-symptomatic, platform of Faction Warfare. He talks of new sites, LP farming and pushing FW into the NPE. That’s as much as he says, and the character he uses is under Caldari State. I’m sorry Quince but this isn’t enough to fill one of the ten availible seats on the CSM.

Closing up with a thread which i’m fairly sureits a troll, but we have Dog0fwaRR of Pandemic Legion/CN. fame apparently making a pass. He has a reddit thread up which doesn’t help clear it up, but he’s shown enough disregard to throw it into the ‘joke’ threads and not worthy your consideration. 

I’ve disregarded a fair bit of threads which are one-liners and not even trying to be serious about it, including one from the current permanent attendee, Aryth, but i’m sure those guys can handle it all on their own if they’re serious about it, without needing an analysis and a shout-out on my little roundup here.

What follows after this is the short two week candidacy pushes, things which are already happening as you can see on CZ, interviews, summaries, talks, discussions and generally each candidate trying to make his case more solid. The official voting period starts March 6th, so expect to see a ‘Cosmo’s voting slip’ article from me a few days before that in case you were dubious about who to pick or want a curated list you can trust. #VOTEMANIPULATIONS #CZISPLSHILL

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