Crown Fire


Null sec is often called an “ecosystem”. Dominion sov was considered a solved system. The null blocks functioned like keystone species, and after time without much change or disturbance, the null empires lived fat off their infrastructure. However, this infrastructure was only functional thanks to the system itself. Nullsec offered a series of challenges and most of those challenges were solved. Under this system, the best solution was more: more pilots, bigger ships, more timers. Winners were the best able to adapt to an environment of TiDi, node crashes, and blobs.

For years the community cried for a new system, one that did not allow for the current tactics to be superior to all others. However, the best way to do that is to punish those very tactics and emphasize others. The new environmental pressures will shape the ecosystem and if changed gradually enough, might not even be destabilizing to the life within.

For the next part I need to ask you to stick with me, we are still talking about EVE Online and not some nature blog. With that said:

Fire is caused when rapid oxidation causes matter to release high amounts of energy. One of the most destructive forms of fire is known as a crown fire. When humans began controlling their environment and sculpting it, one of the things they did was to prevent and protect against damage, including fire. The woods around humans were defended from naturally occurring fires. So ecosystems that normally saw burns annually would now go for decades in between burns. This had the effect of allowing more vegetation to grow into lush forests. However, this build up meant there was more energy (plant matter) than ever was meant to be, in particular in the leafy canopies.

Eventually fire came and quickly spread to the lush, energy-rich leaves. These crown fires rage out of control, outstripping the trees’ natural defenses against burns. They often leave nothing but devastation in their wake; disrupting everyone and everything around. However, from these ashes rises new life, and a new ecosystem grows. New species work their way up, and adapt to the changes in their environment. A new type of ecosystem emerges to match the challenge of the new environment.


A crown fire rages through New Eden’s nullsec population. But instead of heat, it is rage. The old guard with their old ways are struggling under the pressure of the burn. The new system does not contain the same challenges, and is far from perfect. Someone has yet to explain to me how it isn’t short lived Faction Warfare campaigns with only large complexes. The goal of the sov system was to create a different kind of sov, and in a way it did. However this new way will require new tactics to conquer.  

But the fire is too hot, and it is consuming more than it should. The Jump Changes Roundtable devolved because an interaction between CCP saying “trust us”, and the players saying “we don’t because of these changes that we have seen in Phoebe and Aegis”. Change is happening, but we choose how hot to let our tempers get.

CCP has come a long way with communication, and this could be a defining moment for EVE Online if we as a community can either give honest, constructive feedback, and trust the features will work out, and CCP shows us that their new release system allows them to be nimble enough to adapt feedback into what everyone wants out of the feature: to be fun.

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Ashterothi has spent the last five years learning and teaching EVE Online. He is a host on the highly successful High Drag and Hydrostatic Podcast.

  • Messiah Complex

    “The goal of the sov system was to create a different kind of sov, and in a way it did. However this new way will require new tactics to conquer.”

    Those words: “in a way it did” — hit rather close to the mark, I think. New tactics required, no doubt. But new strategies? Not so much. It’s still looking like “go big, go blue, or go home.”

    And we pray to the gods
    of sliders and knobs
    that a new grind-fest won’t follow the former.

  • 5pitf1re

    Here’s my stance on it. EVE Online like every other game and entity in our universe has a limited amount of life. EVE is approaching it’s EOL regardless of its quality and quantity of changes. You can give developers only so much time and thus trust in a system that is finite and players have done just that ever since Phoebe was announced. Players started to strategically position themselves and wait in anticipation of the new system.

    In all honesty, the best way for CCP to deliver this would have been on a separate test server specifically for the new sovereignty system where they could have developed and released the changes one at a time instead of leaving paying customers in limbo. That way they could have gotten player feedback while not disturbing the way players lived and operated.

    • Saint Michael’s Soul

      ….So you know the Sov tests on the test server, that all the major alliances were invited to take part in and then gave feedback??

      • Messiah Complex

        …and everyone was faffing about in AT prize ships.

        • Saint Michael’s Soul

          … not everyone, sometimes it was PL titans doing 20 man drive by’s for a laugh

          • Messiah Complex

            Double true.

          • Messiah Complex

            To be fair, though, they did discover one useful bit of information: hellcamping stations is more useful at the *beginning* of the war under Aegis.

      • 5pitf1re

        Yes, I’m aware of that but what I meant was that they shouldn’t have shipped Phoebe jump range changes, then parts of Aegis sov and then another part of Aegis sov and we’re still waiting on the new structures which are also a big piece of the new sov system btw.

        No, have a server that you keep gradually upgrading and have people test there, don’t mess with a system that worked and break it for the sake of releasing something.

        • Saint Michael’s Soul

          But the system resolutely didn’t work before – It’s all the big blocks and the CSM were talking about: “Null-sec is broken – we want occupancy sov”.

          We’ve now got a system that can be tweaked and added to but instead of looking how things might be altered to optimise the new system more fun, we’ve got a vocal bunch who want to go back to the completely broken system, because *change*

  • KevinKNSD

  • Zappity

    It’s OK, fozziesov has all those ‘dials and levers’ that can be adjusted using the rapid release schedule. Just like the dials and levers were used to fine tune the Phoebe jump changes. Which was released almost a year ago and hasn’t changed at all.

    I think pressure on CCP is good. They talk the talk but have a less than stellar record of following through on responsive development.