Crossing Zebras TV Episode 8


CZTV host and AT commentator Apothne returns to talk about the upcoming Alliance Tournament with the likes of Bacchanalian (Rote Kapelle), Mr Rive (Pandemic Legion), Bei ArtJay (Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork) and Suitonia (Warlords of the Deep). The star-studded lineup talks about all things AT, including team archetypes, team building theory, the brackets, among other things, in this two-hour marathon. Enjoy!

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Perpetrator of thuggery in low security space, artist, and known as “The Stalin of Crossing Zebras” - Niden is the Editor-in-Chief of CZ.

  • Clearly Stupid

    I really like these.

  • Janna

    Video is gone? Says removed by user. Can’t watch if it’s not there 🙂