Crossing Zebras TV Episode 7.5


We apologize profusely for the lengthy delay, and present to you the second CZTV episode on Factional Warfare (thus named 7.5) which aired live July 4th. If you missed the first show on FW (CZTV Episode 7), you can watch it here. In this episode, CZTV host Apothne continues the conversation with returning guests Julianus Soter (GMVA Executor and FC) and Veskrashen (BEBOP FC), as well as Amarr militia member and general Factional Warfare veteran Desiderya (Multicultural F1 Brigade). This episode is 100% Gorski Car krabbing free.

Tags: apothne, cztv, Factional Warfare

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Perpetrator of thuggery in low security space, artist, and known as “The Stalin of Crossing Zebras” - Niden is the Editor-in-Chief of CZ.