Crossing Zebras TV Episode 4


This week, CZTV host and Ishtar hater Apothne is joined by Brave Newbies’ Blue Ice and Nulli Secunda’s progodlegend. The guys talk about doctrines and their views surrounding why they exist and what factors they consider when developing a doctrine.

Tags: apothne, Blue Ice, cztv, doctrine, progodlegend

About the author


Perpetrator of thuggery in low security space, artist, and known as “The Stalin of Crossing Zebras” - Niden is the Editor-in-Chief of CZ.

  • Wilhelm Knicklicht

    what’s the fit for that uber-tanky moa you talked about?

  • JP_Finn

    I love it how Apothne is now officially “Ishtar-hater Apothne”