Crossing Zebras TV Episode 3

Host Apothne is joined by Overload Everything leader Doomchinchilla, Bastard Cartel, Federal Union coalition and GalMil FC MrChuckNorris, and CZ Editor-in-Chief, GMVA / Federal Union diplomat and occasional small gang FC Niden, to talk about the arms race that’s currently happening in northern lowsec. T1 cruiser fleets have given way to HACs, battleships and capitals and we discuss the reasons behind it, as well as map out the relevant entities in this theatre and how they interact.

Tags: apothne, cztv, galmil, lowsec, niden, Overload Everything

About the author


Perpetrator of thuggery in low security space, artist, and known as “The Stalin of Crossing Zebras” - Niden is the Editor-in-Chief of CZ.