Crossing Zebras TV Episode 2


CZTV host Apothne is back, this time joined by solo expert Theon Severasse from Sniggwaffe, Camel Empire tournament team member FistyMcBumBadier and the infamous Jeg Elsker. The guys weigh in on the recent proposed nerfs to the Confessor and Svipul announced by CCP Fozzie, and attempt to teach Jeg and the audience a thing or two about solo and micro gang PvP, including a couple of easy-to-get-into fits for the budding solo pilot.

Tags: apothne, cztv, micro gang, small gang, solo PVP

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Perpetrator of thuggery in low security space, artist, and known as “The Stalin of Crossing Zebras” - Niden is the Editor-in-Chief of CZ.

  • Messiah Complex

    I do miss the Bringing Solo Back vids.