Crossing Zebras TV Episode 1


Apothne hosts the inaugural episode of Crossing Zebras TV in which we discuss a heap of stuff including some announcements from Fanfest and the current internal drama in Brave. Xander explains why he is the most handsome member of the team, Dunk declares his love for PL doomsdays and Niden his for Confessors. Huge shoutout to who continue to support us here at CZ!

Tags: Apoth, brave, cztv, Dunk, Fanfest 2015, Fozziesov, niden, xander

About the author


Apothne is a proud member of Sniggerdly and an experienced roaming FC. He is a Guest FC and Lecturer for EVE University and anyone who invites him to ramble on their comms for a few hours. He is currently one of the most active and experienced player commentators for EVE Tournaments, including hosting and casting AT XII-XV and all #EVE_NT leagues, as well as the Amarr Championships on stage at Fanfest 2016.