Crossing Zebras Episode 68: Fanfest


Fanfest! I sit down with most of the CZ Fanfest team and talk about all the aspects of the gathering, from plagues both fictitious and real, to hype and balance. Weighing in, we have Apothne – AT and EVE_NT commentator from Pandemic Legion that always keeps things tight, Jakob Anedalle – our man on the front lines of the Kyonoke Inquest and Aideron Robotics, Gorski Car – all about the edgy attire and top tier microgang as well as two-time CSM and part-time Goon, Jin’Taan – CVA FC and universally hailed as the most communicating CSM member ever, and Tarek Raimo – former top level spy gone writer and esoteric thinker enjoying “retirement” in GMVA.


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