Crossing Zebras Episode 61

We’re back! Xander is joined by regular hosts Jeg, HVAC and Taka for another episode of the premiere Eve Online podcast – CCP Certified! We mix things up a little from the usual ‘latest patch / 0.0 news’ episode with some discussion on our favourite hulls in Eve and why pilots gravitate to certain ships. In part two we get around the the latest going-ons in Fozziesov and the level of communication between CCP and the playerbase these days. Oh and some Justin Timberlake of course… Crossing Zebras Episode 61.mp3 DREKAR_TCU (0:32) Introductions Why We Fly What We Fly… – Why do pilots have favourite hulls? What are the CZ favourite hulls and why? (27:03) Fozziesov – There’s a new dev blog out listing some changes to the original new sov rollout. We discuss the implications of these changes both in terms of gameplay and the relationship between CCP and the players. Shoutouts As always, huge shout out to our amazing sponsors at Eve Bet who continue to support everything we are doing here at Crossing Zebras. Keep on RTing us on twitter (@midi2304@jeg_elsker@HVACRepairman and @OhTakashawa), telling your corpies and friends about us and posting reviews on iTunes! We hugely appreciate you spreading the word. You can subscribe to the podcast and post reviews here: You can subscribe to the Crossing Zebras YouTube channel here: This episode’s playlist is as follows: Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River Muse – Mercy
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About the author

Xander Phoena

The good looking, funny, intelligent member of the team, Xander set up Crossing Zebras with Jeg in April 2012 mainly because he was talking too much about Eve on his other podcast. Playing the game for almost five years, Xander still has absolutely zero clue about how to actually play Eve but somehow still manages to talk a good game.