Crossing Zebras Episode 58

Oh Takashawa is back at the helm for this new episode while Xander slaves away for Big Oil at sea. Joining him and CZ mascot HVAC Repairman are Pandemic Legion’s Elise Randolph, Nulli Secunda’s progodlegend and Brave Newbies Blue Ice. The obvious topic of discussion concerns the Brave Newbies leadership drama and catastrophic evacuation of Catch. Blue Ice gives his honest opinion about what’s happened and how he sees it going forward. The cast quickly moves on to talking about all things nullsec in the past, present and future however. oSV18zP PART ONE 01:30 Introductions quickly segway into talking about the recent dramatic events in Brave Newbies. 17:19 The guys envision Brave’s future in the new sov system and the discussion continues talking about sov in general. 31:16 Oh Takashawa brings it back to Brave Newbies and Blue Ice gives their perspective on the PL pressure, Catch itself and the reason for leaving it, as well the planned six week stint in lowsec and merc life. PART TWO 44:40 The cast switches gears slightly and takes stock of what the shakers and movers are doing in sov and the reasons why. HVAC finally breaks his silence only to reveal he isn’t doing anything. The discussion evolves into past, current and future mechanics. 1:07:10 Oh Takashawa asks the cast what they think about the CSM that will be sitting during the implementation of Fozziesov. 1:11:50 The guys let know that they’ve been up to in EVE. Blue Ice has been moving, apparently. 1:14:54 Shoutouts. You can tweet at the guys using: @OhTakashawa, @HVACRepairman, @progodlegend, @EliseRandolph and @blueiceeve. Music in this episode: Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson  
Tags: Blue Ice, brave newbies, Elise Randolph, Fozziesov, HVAC Repairman, nullsec, Oh Takashawa, progodlegend, sovereignty

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