Crossing Zebras Episode 56

Following on the heels of Episode 55 with Endie and Manfred Sideous talking about new Sovereignty, Oh Takashawa sat down with CSM member progodlegend and Grath “The angriest man in EVE” Telkin to approach the proposed system from a different, more hands-on angle. The guys discuss what kinds of tactics they think will be viable and place heavy emphasis on skirmish FCs, something that might be a rare and wanted commodity when the new system lands on TQ. Naturally, ship balancing concerns come up and bombers and capitals are discussed. Finally, PGL and Grath predict how entities in null will change and adapt to their new world and what Sov warfare might look like in the future. Crossing Zebras Episode 56.mp3 (00:30) Introductions. (03:15) Grath and PGL talk about their first impressions of new Sov, but quickly get into hands-on details about the quality of owning space. (12:20) The guys talk about what effect the new system will have on rental empires and how revolts might be a thing. (16:45) The issue of FC shortage is brought up and the guys agree that skirmish FCs will be at a premium with the spread out fighting over Command Nodes. Grath predits HACs will dominate the PvP meta. PGL brings up the bright future of roaming. (19:54) Blocs and blobbing is brought up (read CFC), Grath gets angry. (24:39) The prime time mechanic is brought up and the guys theorize on how it will play out. (27:42) Grath brings up the Entosis module and some interesting questions. Discussions around the capture mechanic and what it would mean in practice. (40:20) Oh Takashawa brings up ship balancing in relation to the new system, capitals and bombers unavoidably follow and PGL gets worked up about bombers. (50:04) Part two. Oh Takashawa tries to get some negative criticism out of Grath and PGL, but apparently they are both very happy with the system overall. (54:15) Freeport mode is brought up and ends up in a discussion about destructible stations. (59:25) Oh Takashawa asks the guys to speculate on how null will look after the changes are rolled out. The value of Phoebe and skirmish FCs are brought up and how some entities handle cultivating FCs. (1:20:59) Final thoughts as the episode is closed off. PGL gets mad about bombers again. (1:23:18) Shoutouts. You can follow Oh Takashawa on Twitter via @OhTakashawa, PGL at @progodlegend and Grath Telkin at @GrathTelkin. As always, remember that all this awesome content at CZ is made possible by the wonderful lads at, head on over there and rake in the big wins! Tell your friends/family/dog about the show! Music in this episode: Take That – These Days Kelly Clarkson – Let Your Tears Fall
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  • Akrasjel Lanate

    The thing is that blobs are as mobile as small fleets there is no difrence.

    • Ryu

      thats only if you leave people behind, for example if i drag bubble half your fleet (or even 1/5), as an fc you never leave your members. If i do it a second time (really easy) you are behind schedule by a large margin. Especially with very slow ships like battleships or heavy armor tank ships. Now imagine a 15man gang that gets 3 ppl in a drag bubble, who cares warp out warp back in and dont be bad.

    • Kamar Raimo

      I also think the bomb lunchers should be rebalanced. You really need to take in some fibre and vitamins along with those bombs.

  • CommonSense101

    Lmao you’re mad you didnt get your cloak nerf. Whiny ass nullsec faggot

    • Niden

      Erm, most of the game is mad about that.

      • Powersv2

        Not really. Just a few vocal minorities.

  • aweosme grath angry voice recording. TY

  • Powersv2

    Grath just called like 1/3 of the game bitchmade scrubs.

    • Niden

      And that’s news?

      • Powersv2

        They’re apparently still complaining about being blobbed, so yes the bitchmade scrubs haven’t heard.

  • Messiah Complex

    Perhaps the most interesting discussion about EVE I’ve heard since forever.

  • Kinis Deren

    ~33 minutes mark: “WHAAAAA, I want to be immediately notified about an Entosis activation in a system I don’t even use or occupy!!!!”

    Oh for goodness sake, HTFU and play the game rather than wait for some 3rd party system to ping you that your shit is being threatened.

    • Grath

      Thats not what we said or even close to the point of the discussion, thanks for listening, I guess, though it seems you didn’t really listen.

      • Powersv2

        He’s a fucking idiot who fundamentally misunderstood the whole discussion by the look of the rest of his comments.

  • Kinis Deren

    ~37 minute mark: “No nullied ships should be able to fit the Entosis module”

    Yeah right and every system will be bubbled to hell as a consequence. Stop trying to game the game and play the game instead.

  • Kinis Deren

    ~45 minutes: Damn PGL, I’m shocked that you are one frothing mouthed whiney arsed twat.

    Bombers, as ships, are fine. Now, if you’d talked intelligently about bombs themselves (increasing damage inflicted on other launched bombs prehaps) then maybe I’d be a bit more sympathetic.

  • pesadel0

    Best discussion i heard about the new sov , loved grath take on the thing.

  • Great pair of podcasts, best Crossing Zebras episodes in a while (sorry Xander). This kind of response and theorycrafting makes future-null sound a lot more interesting.
    I am curious since the commentators seemed to think consolidating into one huge alliance was a possible problem, and that narrow vulnerable windows were a possible problem, then why not scale up the size of the window with the size of the alliance? Small alliance: 4 hours. Get a little bigger: add a 4 hour window to match that AUTZ corp you picked up, get huge: vulnerable ’round the clock.

  • Altrue

    Hearing you dismiss the threat of interceptors running Enthosis links because you will be able to kill them in an orthrus… I think you might be a little over-optimistic on this one. There is no way an orthrus will be able to catch-up with a capture-and-run interceptor.

    I’d love to be wrong though.

    • progodlegend

      I actually think you may be right. We’re working on some things, hopefully this won’t be a problem in the future.

  • Nick Zamparello

    The one thing everyone kinda glossed over is the fact that there is going to be T1 and T2 Etosis mods and the other glaring thing is that you need to kill drifters in order to make said modules… As everyone knows, when you take on a drifter, you’re probably gonna lose a ship or 2.. 🙂