Crossing Zebras Episode 55

The first ever Crossing Zebras episode (best ever in EVE Online history, CCP certified) without main host Xander Phoena (currently offshore) was easily warranted by the release of two new dev blogs covering phase one, and more importantly, phase two of new Sovereignty for nullsec. CZ editor Oh Takashawa, along with myself as his sidekick (Niden, Editor-in-Chief), sat down to discuss these fundamental and long-awaited changes with two of the most respected minds in the field and CSM candidates both: Endie from Goonswarm and Manfred Sideous from Pandemic Legion. After a quick revisit of phase one and the related blog, we dig into the meat of the matter. The discussion ranges from Endie and Manny’s visions of the big picture and the goals CCP set for new Sov, all the way down to how we hope fleets and doctrines will fit into the new system. In part two we talk about the role of ship classes in the future of null sov, especially battleships, bombers and capitals, as well as other concerns such as nullsec income and local industry. Crossing Zebras Episode 55.mp3 Structures(00:32) Introductions. (02:30) “Where We Stand” dev blog discussed. We talk about CCPs assesment of phase one. (09:50) The meat of the matter – phase two. We talk about our overall feeling of the new system and then drill down to the nitty-gritty of capture mechanics and how we think they will affect fleets, doctrines and tactics. (45:55) Part two. We talk about the roles of ship classes in the new system and changes we hope to see accompany it in the near future. (59:25) Manny brings up some interesting observations concerning POS and we talk about destructible stations, notably missing from the dev blogs. (1:03:40) We talk about nullsec income and local industry. (1:16:43) Shoutouts. You can follow Oh Takashawa and myself on Twitter via @OhTakashawa and @Niden_GMVA, as well as Endie and Manny via @EndiePosts and @EveManny. As always, we’d appreciate it if you took a minute of your time to rate and review the podcast on the horror that is iTunes, as well as telling your friends about the show! If you have some ISK to throw around and would fancy a little gamble, head on over to Eve-Bet – the best EVE gambling service around! Music featured in this episode: Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song Taylor Swift – Shake it Off  
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